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In an industrial process, the final phase is the packaging line. In the pharmaceutical sector, the function of this line is to convey the products to be packaged.

Generally, it can be operated by an operator and/or controlled from a computer station. Moreover, It can be fully-automated and controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) or it can be semi-automated.

Need for a Packaging Line in the Pharma Industry

A packaging line in the pharmaceutical industry must be designed to limit the generation of mechanical particles, facilitate the management of batch changes, line voids and machine cleaning. A packaging line has different applications requiring expertise in clean design. This includes the management of the product flow to be over packaged as well as their distribution.

The packaging line, and the functional layout, need also to offer a high level of safety for the operator stations and optimal ergonomics. In the pharmaceutical environment, it is essential to take particular care in the distribution and use of the products to be packaged in order to respect their integrity.

Many businesses offer different types of packaging lines for the pharmaceutical sector, such as MGA Technologies, a French company. The company has been collaborating for more than thirty years with the pioneers of the biotech, medical, mechanical and pharmaceutical industries. It designs and manufactures various custom-built machines dedicated to the transfer of clean or sterile products and assembly.


Pharma Product Packaging Lines by MGA Technologies

Among the custom-made machines that MGA Technologies manufactures are the automatic kit preparation line, the pharmaceutical filter packaging machine, and the pharmaceutical filter transfer machine.


Automatic Kit Preparation Line

This automatic line is dedicated to the preparation of kits for use with pathogen detection equipment. It is organized around a central pallet transfer that receives many components making up the kit and is installed in a specially designed building.

Each pallet is equipped with a RFID tag to manage its status and to record the progress of each step. Furthermore, there is individual quality follow-up of the preparation of each kit. A central PLC, which communicates the production data and the status of the various stations, controls the entire line.


Pharmaceutical Filter Packaging Machine

Between two production steps, pharmaceutical filters can be provisionally packaged using this custom-built assembly machine. A 6-axis robot automatically forms a stack of filters at the exit of the upstream machine.

A cardboard box with a plastic bag is fed into the robot cell located on a motorized roller conveyor. A robotic manipulator plates the bag onto the walls of the carton, which is oriented in such a way as to facilitate the insertion of the stack that has been formed.

Custom-made machines and packaging lines for pharmaceutical products manufactured by MGA Technologie are developed for various types of liquid, powder or solid products. They can include a primary packaging stage, the preparation of the necessary packaging and its closing.

Thus, the lines integrate different processes: from the filling of the container, through the primary processes and the preparation of the necessary packaging to its closure (by welding, screwing, crimping, heat-sealing or sealing).

It should be noted that quality control is carried out by vision or using other types of sensors, specific to the application. However, whenever the professional needs to have a specific application, solutions can be provided by MGA Technologies. This might be an application that requires the use of adapted standard machines, but which are non-existent. It may also be the result of specific constraints or the need to integrate advanced technologies.

Traceability and identification by marking identified batches are in most cases managed by printing, which is then applied to the product.


MGA Technologies

MGA Technologies is specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom-built machines dedicated to the transfer and assembly of clean or sterile products. The company has already designed and manufactured many complete packaging lines for pharmaceutical manufacturers, but also for those working in the biotech, medical or mechanical industries.

The company designs and builds each special machine to be efficient. Many techniques are used by the company to obtain equipment adapted to each need, according to your production constraints.


Design Phase

The design phase includes:

  • Planning your project
  • Analysis of failure modes, their effects and criticality of means and processes for the reliability of your equipment
  • Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), used to reduce changeover times
  • Development of detailed chronograms for the control of cycle times
  • Poka Yoke for eliminating the causes of errors
  • Design reviews using virtual reality
  • Easily cleanable design to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, including the recommendations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • Risk analysis
  • Detailed functional analysis to take into account the expected operating modes of your equipment
  • Integration of Lean Manufacturing principles during the design process in order to optimize times and flows, eradicate waste (MDA) and improve man-machine interfaces.
  • Validation of ergonomics based on 3D and physical modeling


Implementation Phase

The implementation phase includes:

  • Use of problem-solving techniques in the development phase
  • Detailed progress monitoring for assembly, programming, and commissioning
  • Monitoring of the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP5) of ISPE of the part11 CFR21 for the management of electronic signatures and the automation of equipment dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry

The reception of MGA Technologies equipment follows and respects the detailed protocols of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), allowing the verification of conformity to the needs and specifications expressed by the customer: User Requirement Specifications (URS).

MGA Technologies can help its clients in their installation qualifications, IQ/OQ… It can also guide its clients in the ramp-up phase of the installation, training and ramp-up of your operators, and also the ongoing maintenance.

The company works in all sectors of industry with high product requirements and which have strict integrity levels for the equipment used. This is why, in the majority of cases, the company’s machines are found in the electronics, automotive, packaging, aeronautics, watchmaking and cosmetics industries.

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