Customized Solutions for the High-Tech and Semi-Conductor Industry

Customized solutions for the High-Tech and Semi-Conductor industry

High Technologies

The high-tech and semiconductor industry is a strategic global issue in the development of our modern connected societies.

With its various branches, each of the players implements its know-how in the service of digital innovation.

High-Tech and Semicon Industries


Semiconductor components, electronics, mechatronics and high-tech systems are found everywhere: in our computers, means of transport, energy production, satellites, etc. They allow, for example, to centralize and coordinate patient data in hospitals, enable our cars to detect dangers more quickly, help to reduce CO2 emissions, monitor climate change, etc. They are therefore essential elements to ensure an energetic and ecological transition towards a more sober mode of non-renewable resources.

The Manufacture of Semiconductors

The manufacture of semiconductors consists of purifying sand, which is abundant on earth, in order to extract the 2.5% of silicon it contains. After separating the silicon from the raw sand, it is purified many times to reach the standard of semiconductor manufacturing, the EGS (Electronic Grade Silicon). At the end of this process, the silicon is liquefied at very high temperatures to obtain an ingot. This is then cut into disks (wafers) of 99.9999% pure silicon, on which nanoscale circuits are then engraved, resulting in the creation of semiconductors (diodes, transistors, etc.), which are cut and encapsulated to form integrated circuits, also called chips.

We are involved, via our subsidiaries ATG Technologies and FOCUSSIA, in the automation of all the different stages of microchip manufacturing, and in particular on the handling and transport of materials (pods, foups, cassettes…). In addition, we design machines which contribute to the manufacturing process (quality control, kitting, visual inspection…). Finally, we make machines which are capable of communicating via the SECS/GEM protocol allowing us to coordinate and make the machines communicate both between themselves and with the MES.

Assembly With Electronic Components

These chips are then generally assembled with other active or passive electronic components on printed circuits (PCB). Depending on the assembly technology, we are talking about surface mounted components (SMD) or through-hole components. Once assembled, we obtain an electronic board, or a new electronic component if the assembly was done directly on metal tracks (e.g.: hall effect sensors, position sensors, etc.).

We intervene in particular at the level of cutting and bending of the components intended to be assembled through PCB, via our cutting-bending machine. We also produce automated lines for laser soldering of components, 2D and 3D control of their assembly, as well as assembly machines for subsystems and test benches to check their proper functioning.

Integration With Mechanical Systems

Finally, these electronic components and other subsystems are then generally coupled to mechanical systems, and then supplied with energy, in order to form mechatronic systems of varying degrees of complexity (circuit breakers, ABS sensors, alternators, starters, etc.).

We intervene in this branch of the industry by delivering machines to measure for the assembly and the control of these systems. In addition, we also support industrialists in the development and manufacture of small series of high-tech mechatronic systems, within the framework of manufacturing contracts under license.

Automated Equipment

All these pieces of automated and/or robotized equipment are designed to operate in highly constrained clean rooms. The management of particle emissions generated by mechanical friction is one of our strengths which we share with our teams specialized in the health industry.

As these environments require the optimization of production surfaces, we are integrating more and more mobile and collaborative robotics, often completed by advanced mechatronics such as magnetic part handling.

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