Pharmaceutical Discharge Counter Machine Tool

Pharma Discharge Counter Machine Tool

During production line cleaning protocol, the pharmaceutical discharge counter automatically evaluates the number of defective elements and limits the risks of human errors in counting and scoring.

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The cart assembly is equipped with several modules and can operate with one, two, three or four modules.

Each module is composed of 4 reject tubes, each tube has an optical counting cell with each cell connected to its counter and each module has a button to reset the counters. The rejected product is inserted in the tube, which in turn cuts off the detector beam (temporized detection to avoid the phenomenon of “bounce back”) to increase its counter by increments (each tube has its own counter).

The general reset of the counters is done by a long press on the blue button (timer switch, adjustable delay) on the top of the module. The red reset button for each counter is consequently disabled during the general reset. The time delay of the general reset push button is adjustable on the front of the timed relay located inside the module.

  • Custom-made for your pharmaceutical production line (counter of: syringe, vial, bottle…)
  • 4 counters, modules
  • Automatic detection
  • Mobile cart
  • 1 to 4 modules / carts
  • 100% electric

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