Production Equipment for Inspection, Testing or Identification Processes

Over the years for more than 35 years and in close collaboration with the leaders of the pharmaceutical, medical, biotech and mechanical industries, MGA Technologies has developed a special know-how in the design and production of custom-made machines for control, testing and identification of clean or sterile products, primary packaging or secondary packaging of sterile products or clean products.

In 2017, MGA Technologies also took over the testing activities of ACTEMIUM, a subsidiary of VINCI, to strengthen its IT and measurement skills and to offer test bench with multiple applications.

Production Equipment Solutions for Inspection, Testing or Identification Processes

Power Module Test Bench

This power module electrical test equipment is composed of MOSFET power, made to be mounted in alternator-starters.

Sensor Control Bench

This test bench is made for the programming and electrical control of sensors using Hall effect cells.

Position Sensor Test Bench

This sensor test bench is used in the laboratory to analyze Hall effect sensors at rotational speeds ranging from 100 to 10,000 rpm.

After a process step of assembling or manufacturing a product, it is often necessary to check that the operation went well and that the product is compliant. Tests can be implemented, high and low power tests, strong and weak currents, various measurements and analysis of signals, visual checks to identify a defect or verify conformity, vacuum or pressure control , re-readings of codes, etc … With a mechanical and mechatronic base, these automated and robotic indexed machines are designed with a digital kinematics and have varied applications that require an specialist design expertise, including the distribution and management of sterile product flows or clean, eradicating hard-to-clean areas and minimizing the generation of mechanical particles.

The whole process is recorded in a detailed technical documentation, facilitating integration. This equipment is often integrated in the clean rooms of our customers with SLAs, and can sometimes solve confinement problems,  aeraulic flow management, and clean utilities. Signal analysis algorithms and Human Machine Interfaces are developed in LabVIEW or LabWindows / CVI for National Instruments environments or in C / C ++ / C # / Visual Basic for Microsoft environments.

Applications developed with our customers are many and varied, for electrical products or all types of liquid products, solids or powders. Different testing or measurement applications are possible depending on the necessary controls that can integrate a wide variety of sensors of any kind. Identification by marking and traceability of batches tested is often managed by printing on the product. The marking can be done by inkjet, micro-percussion, laser or other particular types of coding. We can provide solutions whenever a customer is confronted with a particular application for which there are no standard machines adapted to special requirements or requiring the integration of advanced technologies.

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