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Welcome to the Job center of MGA Technologies. In constant development, MGA Technologies is seeking talents sharing its values and the same passion: mechanical engineering, mecatronics and new technologies.


Project Managers

Managing the project from customer requirements to design and construction of the right technical solution. The project manager is the main contact with the client. Our project managers guide the mechanical and electrical studies, design the process controls systems, follow the equipment construction and then assembly, start up and acceptance by the customer.

Key characteristics: technical, leadership, listening, rigourous, communication and team player.


CAD Engineers

Responsible for design and mechanical studies, the CAD engineer takes part of the pre-studies, basic designs and layouts. CAD engineers focus on proven solutions during the execution phase, although MGA Technologies also encourages its CAD engineers to innovate. CAD Engineers perform the detailed studies, often with a 3D model, to validate the right solutions with the client. And then, after customer approval, CAD engineers produce detailed drawings, general assembly drawings, detailed parts lists, RFQ and technical documentation.

Keywords: rigorous, creativity, precision, team player, methodic, organized.


Automation Engineers & Roboticians

As the designer of the machine movements, automation engineers and the roboticians give life to mechanical tools. Following mechanical studies, automation engineers select the best hardware, drives the electrical studies and integrates standard components. Automation engineers program process control systems and  robots to achieve the performance levels required by customers.

Keywords: rigorous, methodic, team player, curiosity,  commitment and innovation.


Mechanical Setters

As an experienced mechanical engineer, a mechanical setter is able to assemble a complete machine starting with a box of parts and a set of drawings. The setter controls critical parts, constructs the machine, adjusts mechanical parts requiring alterations and finalizes the settings to achieve performances required in the client specifications.

Keywords: passion of mechanical engineering,, precision, team player, perfectionism.

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