Roller Culture Apparatus - Stainless Steel Cart

MGA Technologies Roller Bottle Apparatus


The MGA Technologies roller culture apparatus is specially designed for cell culture in roller bottles. It is integrated in a stainless-steel cart for ease of use.

Its design is perfectly adapted to clean rooms: stainless-steel frame, materials resistant to cleaning agents (such as hydrogen peroxide H2O2), and the absence of a retention zone, thus facilitating its cleanability.

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The stainless-steel Roller Bottle cart is a cell culture apparatus that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) while avoiding any risk of contamination by corrosion thanks to its stainless-steel frame. The LCD touch screen allows users to adjust the culture parameters: rotation speed, direction of rotation, duration, etc. The presence of a battery allows users to secure this operation in case of power failure or during transfers from one room to another. The presence of a large handling bar helps to move the unit, especially between the filling room and the incubator.

In addition, the cart is designed to meet the automation requirements of MGA’s customers. MGA provides a dimensional control report to facilitate robot gripping of the bottles, and MGA supports the integration of RFID tag (option) to ensure the follow-up and traceability of the production.

The main technical specifications of MGA Technologies stainless-steel cart for culture on rolling flasks:

  • 1-hour autonomy on battery
  • Vials are rotated in both directions from 0.08 to 2 rpm
  • 304L stainless steel frame and rollers
  • Resistance to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

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