Our Latest Custom Machine Tooling Solutions

We design and manufacture special machines and custom-made equipment for many industrial sectors in their own specific environment. Here are some of our solutions:

Vaccine Production Line

This automatic machine called Vaccine production line collects the primary liquid that is intended for the production of vaccines.

Liquid Impregnation Line

Machine intended for the impregnation of a process liquid on granules. A container holds the granules to be impregnated.

Plastic Card Assembly Line

This automatic primary packaging assembly machine distributes plastic cards from an unstacker on which an impregnation of a reagent is applied.

Diagnostic Strip Filling Line

This filling line is used to allocate, assemble and package strips filled with diagnosis fluid for the detection of foodborne pathogens.

Kit Preparation Line

This automatic line allows the preparation of kits destined to be used with an instrument tasked with pathogens detection.

Filter Assembly Line

This custom packaging machine allows temporary packaging of pharmaceutical filters between two steps of production.

Pharma Filter Transfer Line

This transfer machine is integrated in clean environment to transfer semi-finished products between two production lines.

Mechanical Assembly Cell

Robotic assembly cell integrated in a production line. The distinctive characteristic of this project is full integration of the equipment.

Sensor Production Line

This automatic line has been designed to be modular to allow different configurations for various customer sites.

Automated Dilution Robot

This equipment is designed for automatic dilution of primary dyes by repeating several recorded and tracked sequences.

Filling Machine Revamping

Revamping of an automated equipment designed for filling, capping and labeling of glass vials in a clean room.

Syringe Assembly Line

This custom-made machine is integrated into a full automatic glass syringe assembly line in a clean environment.

Power Module Test Bench

This test bench is made for the power module electrical test, composed of power MOSFET, made to be mounted in alternator-starters.

Programming Test Bench

This test bench is made for the programming and electrical control of sensors made of Hall effect cells.

Sensor Test Bench

This test bench is used in the laboratory to measure Hall effect sensors at rotational speeds ranging from 100 to 10,000 rpm.

Ultrasonic Homogenization Station

The ultrasonic homogenization station is a machine tool that allows homogenization between a powder and a liquid inside a 4 ml glass bottle.

Dispensing Machine for Diagnostic Tubes

This machine does automatic packaging of tubes packed. The tubes are filled, capped and made available to an operator via racks.

Dispensing Machine for Diagnostic Tubes

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