Secondary Packaging Assembly Lines and Robot Engineering

With more than 35 years of experience in permanent contact with the leaders of the pharmaceutical, medical, biotech and mechanical industries, MGA Technologies has built over the years an expertise in the design and production of custom-made machines for secondary packaging of sterile products or clean products. The secondary packaging is an overpack of the primary packaging directly in contact with the sterile or clean product.

Robotic Secondary Packaging Assembly Line Solutions

Kit Preparation Line

This automatic line allows the preparation of kits for use with a pathogen detection instrument.

Filter Assembly Machine

This machine allows temporary packaging of pharmaceutical filters between two stages of production.

Filter Transfer Line

Robot integrated in clean environment for the transfer of semi-finished products between two production lines.

These mechanical and mechatronic machines are indexed, automated, robotized and are designed with digital kinematics. They have various applications that require specific expertise, including the distribution and management of product flows to over-pack. Their design is compact to minimize the generation of mechanical particles and facilitate cleaning of the machine, batch change management, and chain gaps.

Developed for different types of liquid products, solids or powders with a wide range of primary packaging, the applications encountered are many and varied, from the handling of vials, syringes or often plastic materials. They sometimes include a primary packaging step, the preparation of the necessary packaging and its closure controlled by blister, lidding, packing, boxes or cartons. 

Quality control is often also performed visually or other types of application-specific sensors. MGA Technologies can provide solutions whenever a customer is confronted with a particular application where there are no standard machines adapted to special constraints or requiring the integration of advanced technologies.

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