Custom-made Machine Tools for Product Assembly and Transfer

MGA Technologies has developed a deep technical expertise in the design and manufacture of high-end custom machine tools for the assembly or transfer of sterile products or clean products.   MGA technologies has designed and manufactured numerous machines and complete production lines for many of the leaders in the pharmaceutical, medical, biotech and mechanical industries over the past 35 years.

Solutions of Custom-made Machine Tooling for Product Assembly and Transfer

Assembly Cell in Line

Robotic cell integrated into a production line designed for a specific application to ensure a homogeneous line.

Sensor Production Line

This automatic line has been designed in a modular way to allow different configuration in the different production locations.

Syringe Assembly Line

The glass syringue bodies are transferred from the machine onto a numerical linear bucket transfer line.

These machine tools or complete production lines include the distribution of primary parts and the management of product flows. They are made for the reduction of hard-to-clean areas and the minimization of mechanical particle generation. These automated and robotic indexed machines are designed with digital kinematics and have various applications that require expertise in their own designs.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are taken into account and applied in the design right from the definition of the machine architecture. Sterile or clean products are distributed and implemented with particular care to respect their integrity. The integrated process equipment is chosen to meet the requirements of the targeted applications. A quality control follow-up in design and roll-out is implemented to ensure the perfect match of the machine with the User Requirements Specifications (URS). The whole project is recorded in a detailed technical documentation, which allows customer to integrate with internal documention systems. Our equipment is often integrated in clean rooms of our customers with service level agreement.  Projects can address problems of confinement, the aeraulic management of the flows and utilities.

MGA Technologies’ machines are always at the cutting edge of innovation and integrate collaborative robotics and perfectly adapt the machine to the people who use it and work with it.

MGA Technologies has designed and produced for many different applications, for liquid, solid or powder products, from the assembly of syringes or plastic materials, sometimes including a primary process step, the preparation of the necessary packaging and its screw-fastened closure, sealing, welding, heat sealing or crimping. All techniques for assembling parts together can be integrated: screwing, gluing, welding, clipping, fitting, riveting, crimping, etc … After assembly, identification is often managed by printing IDs on the components of the product and then managing the data that is generated.

Quality control is often also performed visually or by other types of application-specific sensors to recognize any non-conformities. We can provide solutions whenever a customer is confronted with a particular application for which there are no standard machines, especially where there are special constraints or where the integration of advanced technologies is required.

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