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MGA Technologies has worked with its customers to develop ready-to-use products for various applications. Often derived from prototyping and development in MGA’s mechanical design office, with user requirements as the starting point for product development.

Sterile Welders

This sterile welder is a device integrated in FDA-approved processes for aseptic connections without dead zones.

Aseptic Tube Sealers

The aseptic tube sealer is used to disconnect 2 process equipment in pharmaceutical and biotech application.

Roller Culture Apparatus

The roller culture apparatus is specially designed for cell culture in roller bottles. It is integrated in a stainless-steel cart for ease of use.

Cutting and Bending Tools

Cutting and bending equipment that is modular and specially designed for sensors preparation prior to welding.

Ergonomic Stainless Cart

It is a mobile workstation intended for the medical and pharmaceutical community, specially designed for the ergonomics of its user.

Automatic Tray Unloader

The automatic tray unloader is a special machine for distributing trays in stacks, batch by batch or one by one.

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