MGA Technologies Pharmaceutical Workstation

Ergonomic Stainless Cart

The Pharmaceutical Workstation is a mobile workstation intended for the medical and pharmaceutical community, specially designed for the ergonomics of its user.

This product is configurable according to the needs of the operator, different equipment is available: baskets, plates, racks or side shelves. In addition, the MGA Technologies Workstation has an electrically adjustable worktop height of 0.9 m to 1.3 m.

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This pharmaceutical workstation has been specially designed for the medical field and biopharma. It allows:

  • An electric height adjustment allowing an upper plate stroke of 400 mm.
  • Customizable configurations: Baskets, plates, side shelves, front storage with easy access, or even rods for different heights.
  • Easy cleaning, plates, sides shelves, baskets and rod fitting sterilizing oven. No retention area.

The main features of the MGA Technologies pharma workstation:

  • The telescopic column has IP66 protection with easy control.
  • Ergonomics, robustness and reliability.
  • Universal fastening area for clamps use.
  • Up to 3 electrical appliances plugged in simultaneously
  • Patented by MGA Technologies

The basic equipment of the Pharmaceutical Workstation MGA Technologies:

  1. Upper equipment: Upper plate: 30×40 cm of functional surface
  2. Intermediate equipment: document holder, electrical power strip
  3. Lower equipment: swivel caster with locking

The different options of the pharma workstation:

  1. Upper options:
  • 1 or 2 side shelve(s): functional surface of 28×28 cm
  • Front storage
  1. Intermediate options:
  • Plate of 30×40 cm
  • Basket of 30×40 cm
  • Basket divider of 30 cm or 40 cm
  1. Lower options:
  • Plate of 60×40 cm
  • Basket of 60×40 cm
  • Basket divider of 40 cm
  1. Rod options:
  • Angled support: adding 17 cm in height for a Ø 2.7 cm
  • Straight support(s): adding 46 cm in height for a Ø 2.7 cm

Added custom options possible upon request

MGA Technologies Pharma Workstation is a patented device.

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