Our CSR Commitments

Our Social Commitments

For MGA, growth and sustainability depend solely on the talents of the men and women who represent the company. We are participating in our ecosystem to contribute to the Industry of the Future.

Involvement in the French foundation “Entreprise des possibles” (Enterprise of Possibilities).

TRIBUNE : Pour un New Deal entre PME, ETI et grands groupes

Commitment of the company to the French Fab label for French industry.

Involvement in the SWARM project (ecosystem of innovation / highlighting uses).

Big Tour 2020 - Bpifrance

Involvement in Bpifrance’s Big Tour 2020 around the coastline to showcase French entrepreneurial expertise.

Commitment to the “Entreprise DU FUTUR” (Company of the Future) for technological and societal progress.

Involvement in the employers’ organization representing French companies (MEDEF).

Involvement in the French employers’ federation IUMM (Union des industries et métiers de la métallurgie).

Logo CCE Aura 2019

Commitment of Hervé de Malliard to the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes CCE (Institution des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de France).

Volunteer commitment of Hervé de Malliard to the Consul of the Philippines in Lyon.

Our Health Commitments

Every year we support associations in the health and medical fields.

MGA Technologies soutient 101 FundSupports 101 Fund and all resuscitation services in France and around the world.

Support and participation in startups that respond to technological/health issues.

Supports the HCL Foundation (Fondation Hospices Civils de Lyon) for projects that meet the following 3 objectives: improving reception and comfort in the hospital, accelerating research and innovation projects, supporting patients and their families beyond treatment.

Donations for the association “Tout le monde contre le cancer” (Everybody Against Cancer).

Development of filters for respirators with Infiplast and machine designed and realized in commando/fastrack mode.

Our Environmental Commitments

We are working to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, in particular through recycling projects (end of life, product component materials).

We are investing in green mobility. Our entire fleet of vehicles at MGA Technologies is hybrid.

Conférence et diner de Gala sur la transition énergétique en AUvergne - Rhône-Alpes

Participation in numerous conferences and symposiums such as: Life Sciences Gala 2019 / Energy Transition Gala 2020.

Training of our teams to the stakes of the energy transition, digitalization, industry 4.0 (technical progress).

Our commitments for the future

We are involved in various actions and movements.

MGA Technologies est fière de former tous ces jeunes

Regular hiring of work-study students and constant staff training within company.

Visite des étudiants en Master RH de l'IAE Lyon 3

Fertilization / links with schools (HR visit of the UIMM, visit of the high school students of Neuville de Robo’Lyon).

MGA Technologies Lastest News

MGA on the Pick&Learn Mission in Nuremberg

MGA on the Pick&Learn Mission in Nuremberg

MGA took part in the Pick&learn mission in Nuremberg, organized by BPI France and the France Export team. Over four days, a delegation of 12 companies including MGA Technologies visited several German cities including Munich and Nuremberg to get inspired and...