Marking on Pharmaceutical Production Line

Marking on Pharmaceutical Production Line

Marking on production lines is a solution for identifying products made by manufacturers. It is an operation that is generally carried out at the end of the production line. Different marking solutions exist on the market such as labeling and printing.

A Marking System on Production Line


The presence of a marking system on the production line optimizes the production time of industrialists and significantly reduces their operating costs. Labelling machines can be designed to be integrated into a production line and be suitable for automation. They can also be added to existing installations. Here are the main marking solutions:


Marking By Labeling


Marking by labeling consists of applying a self-adhesive label directly to the products or their packaging. Labeling is a product identification solution that can be more expensive than other marking solutions. However, while labeling is mandatory in many markets, it may be an option in others.

Automatic labeling on a production line may be possible thanks to artificial intelligence. Many types of labelling equipment can be perfectly integrated on a production line of any type. Manufacturers can opt for this solution, which saves them having labor shortage problems. In addition, operators see their workload lightened and their environment improved.


Marking By Printing


Printing is another marking solution that industries can opt for. Automatic printing can be perfectly integrated into an intelligent production line that manages the printing of products autonomously. The best printing systems are those with a continuous jet. They are suitable for speed, especially for manufacturers with high production volumes. Continuous jet printing is the most suitable for a production line, without interruption.


Criteria to Take into Account When Choosing a Marking System


A marking solution on a production line must be unique and personalized to each manufacturer. All manufacturers in all sectors (pharmaceutical, food processing, cosmetics, etc.) can use it. However, in order to have a perfectly adapted machine, it is essential to take into account several criteria:

  • The environment,
  • The existing computer system,
  • The speed and configuration of the production line,
  • The needs of the operators,
  • The data to be entered,
  • Strict regulations, depending on the field,
  • Production and maintenance costs.

Many manufacturers can offer perfectly customized production line marking machines. Some provide automation, mechanical integration and software development for automated line integration. Other machines can also be integrated by the operators of the user company.

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