Secondary Packaging Line for Pharmaceutical Products

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A secondary packaging line can be used to package pharmaceutical products. When designing the secondary packaging line, it is necessary to have expertise in sterile requirements.

Having developed a real know-how in custom-made machine manufacturing, MGA Technologies has designed devices that meet the sterile process requirements. For instance, packaging machine for pharmaceutical filters and automatic line for kit preparation are part of the company’s projects.

Some of MGA Technologies Machine Tools


MGA Technologies’ secondary packaging line for pharmaceutical products was designed thanks to the company’s constant contact with industry leaders in various sectors (biotech, medical, mechanical and pharmaceutical). For more than thirty years, this collaboration has allowed MGi to develop different machines and automated lines for sterile biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications. Here are some of our achievements in secondary packaging machines for pharmaceutical products:


Pharmaceutical Filter Packaging Line


It is a packaging Line, custom designed to allow the temporary packaging of pharmaceutical filters between 2 stages of production. At the exit of the upstream machine, filters are automatically stacked by a 6-axis robot. On a motorized roller conveyor, a cardboard box with a plastic bag is conveyed to the robot cell.

In order to facilitate the insertion of the pre-formed filter stack, the cardboard is oriented after the bag is applied to the walls of the cardboard by a manipulator.

In order to limit the footprint of the robotic cell, the assembly is designed in a constrained manner. This also makes it easier to clean the machine between 2 production batches.


Pharmaceutical Filter Transfer Machine


A pharmaceutical filter transfer machine is a transfer machine integrated in a clean environment. It allows the transfer of semi-finished products between two production lines.

The robot is suspended to avoid clutter and space constraints. Indeed, It is critical to optimize the floor space in this application. The implementation of the robot was carried out in a process of elimination of constraining and repetitive operations subject to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) by the operators as well as optimization of flows.

The robot was specially designed to work in such an environment and to allow, in continuous flow, the synchronization of the two lines. The robot can relocate itself in the stack in relation to its target and recalculate, at each transfer, its trajectory. Indeed, it is associated with an intelligent vision system integrated in its gripping hand.

The secondary packaging machines for pharmaceutical products made by MGA Technologies are indexed, robotized and automated and often have a mechatronic and mechanical base.


How Does MGA Technologies Design its Custom-made Machine Tools?


In the design of the machines, MGA Technologies takes care to facilitate their cleaning and to minimize the generation of mechanical particles. The management of line voids as well as batch changes is also taken into account. As soon as the machine architecture is defined, MGA takes into account and applies cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). In order to preserve the integrity of the products to be packaged, particular care is taken in their distribution and implementation. The traceability of the batches as well as their identification are often managed with the help of a print on the packaging and in the management of the data generated in the databases. Quality control is carried out by vision or using other types of sensors specific to the application.

MGA Technologies is able to provide the appropriate solutions when a customer needs a particular application where no standard pharmaceutical secondary packaging machine exists. This may be due to the need to integrate advanced technologies or special constraints.

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