Primary Packaging Line for Pharmaceutical Products

The primary packaging line is made for packaging pharmaceutical products. It requires significant expertise during its design. MGA Technologies has created thousands of tailor-made machine tools respecting the constraints related to the sterile process, including assembly lines for diagnostic cards and automatic filling lines for heat-sealed plastic strips.


Primary Packaging Lines for Different Pharmaceutical Products


For more than thirty years, MGA Technologies has developed a technical expertise in the design and manufacturing of primary packaging machines for pharmaceutical products. These machines are dedicated to medical, mechanical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industrial applications. Indexed, robotized and automated, these machines are manufactured on digital kinematics and on a mechatronic and mechanical basis.

Among these machines, MGA has developed:


Diagnostic Board Assembly Line


It is an automatic machine, intended for primary packaging, that distributes plastic cards by means of an unstacker. On the latter, the grooves of the card have been impregnated with a reagent on each side of the card. To close the grooves, a self-adhesive plastic film is applied.

From a reel, a plastic tube is unwound, mechanically straightened and cut to the desired length and inserted into a corner of the card. Then, it is bent while hot and cooled with ice water. To allow traceability and identification of the products, labelling is carried out. Verification of the correct execution of the various stages is performed by vision control. The cards are re-stacked, then made available to the line driver at the end of the line.

The design of the assembly has been specially thought out so that the generation of metallic particles is limited. Indeed, these particles can pollute the reagent. This design also allows the cleaning of the areas in the immediate vicinity of the product. Depending on the steps, the instantaneous rate can vary from 60 to 100 per minute.


Automatic Filling Line for Heat-Sealed Plastic Strips


It is an automated filling device, allowing the assembly, distribution and packaging of strips containing a diagnostic liquid. This liquid is intended for the detection of food-borne pathogens. On a multi-position bucket transfer, the strips are distributed and conveyed in reference.

A station of 16 volumetric pumps is used to fill their prints with test liquid. To ensure the isolation of the liquid in the wells of the strips, an aluminum film is unrolled over them and then heat-sealed. Various identification labels are then affixed to the film after printing.

The strips can be cut out for separation. They are then recovered by a poly-articulated robot located at the end of the line. This last step enables them to be packaged in thermoformed sheets are distributed and made available automatically. To classify the area, part of the line is integrated under laminar flow. This equipment has the capacity to package up to 5,300 strips per hour.


Design of the Machine Tools by MGA Technologies


MGA Technologies takes into account and applies current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in the design of the machine, from the definition of its architecture. In order to meet the requirements of the targeted application, the integrated hardware is carefully selected. A quality control follow-up, in design and manufacturing, is performed to demonstrate that the machine corresponds perfectly with the User Requirements Specifications (URSs).

The whole process is recorded in detail in a technical documentation in order to allow MGA Technologies’ clients to integrate it in their documentation system. The primary packaging machines for pharmaceutical products are suitable for integration in clean room environments. MGA Technologies works with clients service requirements that can integrate complex issues of containment, clean utilities and aeraulic flow management.

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