Vaccine Production Machine - Egg Shell Remover Production Line

This automatic vaccine production line collects the primary liquid that is intended for the production of vaccines against influenza. From embryonated eggs matured for 14 days and inoculated with the virus against which the vaccine is produced, the machine opens the eggs and collects the allantoic fluid, which is the remaining whites of the egg where the virus has grown.

The line includes a central conveyor where mechanics are specially integrated into the sidewalls that transfer the egg trays onto side rollers. The egg trays pass into a first station where the ungraded eggs are individually presented on a plate allowing their opening by a saber mounted on an axis that dislocates the eggs on the entire tray. Then the eggs are presented in a candling station where four operators can remove the non-compliant eggs and take the necessary samples.

Each egg tray is then conveyed to a 25-position crop carousel. Then the tray is inserted in a prismatic bottom collector box at the bottom of which is arranged a collector tubing. The assembly is then returned to allow the flow of allantoic fluid in a collecting channel flowing in a tank connected to the downstream process of filtration, purification and cell culture necessary for the production of the vaccine. Then the collect boxes are overtuned, the collected egg tray is extracted for evacuation to an incinerator.

Finally each collected box is rinsed twice with WFI water and after a clean air is blown to evacuate the water before receiving a new tray of eggs to collect the fluid. All the parts in contact with the collected product have polished surfaces with a Ra (Resolution Advisory) <0.6 with a specific follow-up in production, they are easily dismantled to be cleaned in an offline decontaminating washer.

All the machinery that drives the line is confined to technical areas to avoid generation of mechanical particles. The machine was subjected to a complete aeraulic study in order to place it in a closed enclosure under laminar flow to guarantee a speed of air above the product and a depression compared to the classified production room in order to protect operators of the virulent environment. The equipment can collect 33,000 eggs per hour.

Technical characteristics of the vaccine production line:

  • ROCKWELL automaton
  • Synchronization of 15 brushless motors per axis card
  • Carousel driven by a ring gear of diameter 2500 with a precision of flatness to the tenth
  • Enclosure closed made by DUFFAY

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