Sterile Glass Syringe Assembly Line

This machine is integrated into a full automatic sterile glass syringe assembly line. The glass syringe bodies are transferred from the machine onto a linear bucket transfer line.

A manipulator takes the products and turns them over in order to be able to organize on one side of the machine the preparation operations and the other side of the machine the operations of fitting by numerical axes. Another vibrating bowl distributes a plastic insert on a rotating plate on which an aluminum lid is heat-welded.

A cGMP vibrating bowl with a stainless steel loading tank distributes plastic rings. Then the two pieces are fitted on the glass body. All the mechanics are carded and the parts are transferred under the main transfer to avoid any polluting particles.

The set has been cGMP designed and the housings are mechanically welded with glass walls. The set is motorized by 12 brushless motors synchronized by an axis card. The production rate is 100 pieces per minute.

Technical features of the syringe assembly line:

  • SIEMENS Automaton
  • Temperature regulation for sealing the lids
  • KOLLMORGEN pressing in strokes and efforts by numerical axes

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