Stainless Steel Cart for Clean Rooms

Handling cart for cleanrooms

The stainless steel cart is a piece of equipment that can be used in clean rooms, especially in laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical and hospital fields. This equipment is a kind of mobile workstation designed for the ergonomics of the operator, facilitating his work. The cart is composed of various elements that facilitate the organization and storage of materials needed during an intervention in a clean room.

What should I know about the stainless steel cleanroom cart?

Typically, the stainless steel cleanroom cart is mounted on casters. This makes the equipment easily movable while leaving all the equipment the operator needs available.

The stainless steel cart can be used as a side cabinet or as a workstation. Professionals from different sectors can use it in clean rooms. Unnecessary trips are avoided since your operator will have all his work tools at hand, which is a significant time saving. Your operators will be more efficient and more productive.

This furniture can be completed with different accessories. It can also be configured according to its field of application. The stainless steel structure allows it to be resistant to intensive use. For the storage of your tools, its structure can be open, with different levels. When its structure is closed, you can have several drawers.

If your operator works in a clean room, the open structure is the most adapted, because thanks to the basket and the tray, for example, his access to the tools is easier. If, on the other hand, various documents and tools are to be transported and stored, the cart with a closed structure is ideal.

The work surface of the cart is electrically height adjustable (from 0.9 to 1.3 m). The equipment is also equipped with supports and side shelves. Most of the work in the biopharmaceutical and medical fields is carried out in clean rooms. The stainless steel cart is perfectly suited for this purpose, with the following advantages

  • Customizable configurations: side shelves, front storage, cane or trays at different heights, baskets.
  • Tray with electric adjustment.
  • Baskets, side shelves, cane and trays are ovenable.
  • No retention zone and easy cleaning.
  • Swivel castors.

Designer and Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Carts

MGA Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of custom-made equipment and special machines. The stainless steel cart for clean rooms described above is one of its achievements. Different sectors can use this mobile workstation: biopharma, medical, laboratory, pharma…

According to your needs and requests, customized options can be requested from the company’s technicians. The equipment, created and manufactured by MGA Technologies, is also patented. You can ask for the brochure of the stainless steel cart for a clean room or for a quotation from the company’s technicians.

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