Clean Room Transport Cart

Stainless Steel Transfer Carts

In the pharmaceutical and medical field, the cleanroom transport cart is a very useful piece of equipment. It is a mobile workstation specially designed for the ergonomics of the person using it. The cleanroom transport cart can be configured to meet the needs of the operator.

Advantages and Applications of a Cleanroom Transport Cart


The cleanroom transport cart can be accompanied by various pieces of equipment, such as supports, side shelves, trays or baskets. The operator can take advantage of the electrically adjustable work surface integrated within the cart, which provides a working height of 0.9 m to 1.3 m.

Everything the operator needs to perform their work in the cleanroom can be transported by this equipment which allows them to organize, store and dispose of all their work tools. This offers the user a significant time saving, allowing them to be more efficient and productive. Moreover, the stainless steel structure of the cart ensures its robustness.

For the medical and pharmaceutical fields, where most of the work is done in clean rooms, the transport cart is essential. Here are the major advantages that it delivers:

  • Customized Configurations including trays, front storage, baskets, side shelves, trays or cane that can have various heights.
  • An upper tray, with electric adjustment, over 400 mm of height travel.
  • Passage of trays, baskets, side shelves and cane in the oven. No need for a retention zone and easy to clean.


Main Characteristics of a Cart Manufactured by MGA Technologies


  • Excellent ergonomics, sturdiness and maneuverability.
  • A telescopic column, with IP66 protection for easy handling.
  • 3 electrical appliances can be connected
  • Universal fixing zones, with clamping nuts.


Standard Equipment


  • Upper equipment: upper tray with a functional surface of 30 x 40 cm.
  • Intermediate equipment: document holder and electrical outlets.
  • Lower equipment: swivel castors with locking system.




Upper options:

  • Front storage
  • 1 or 2 side shelves, with a 28 × 28 cm functional surface

Intermediate options:

  • 30 × 40 cm tray
  • 30 × 40 cm basket
  • 30 cm or 40 cm basket dividers

Cane options:

  • Angled support: for 17 cm height, with 2.7 cm Ø
  • Straight support(s): for 46 cm height, with 2.7 cm Ø

The use of the cleanroom transport cart is not exclusive to a particular sector. Indeed, many companies can use it (hospitals, biotechnology or pharmaceutical laboratories, medical device manufacturers). This mobile furniture can, in fact, be used as a workstation or as a piece of furniture.

The equipment can have an open structure, with a tray, a document holder, and a basket so that the operator can have easy access to the different tools he needs. When it has a closed structure, the documents that are essential for a medical practice can, for example, be easily stored and transported.

It is possible to order custom options from MGA Technologies if you have specific needs to better exploit this patented device.

You can learn more about the cleanroom transport cart by requesting a brochure or by asking for a personalized quote. The company’s team will be happy to answer your request.

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