Custom-made Pharma Process Liquid Impregnation Machine

This machine is intended for the impregnation of a process liquid on pharmaceutical granules. A container that holds the granules to be impregnated is loaded automatically and then inclined and rotated.

The process liquid is placed in a closed glass cell. A plunger for transferring liquid to the rotating container is placed in the glass cell. The cell ceilling is put under pressure to push the liquid upwards by the diver. The meniscus formed on the surface of the liquid is visually tracked that marks it in shadow puppet with a surface light.

A dose of the right amount of liquid allows alternating cycles of impregnation, homogenization and hot air drying. The station is fully automatic and the HMI allows production monitoring and the recording of all process data.

Technical characteristics of the impregnator of a process liquid:

  • COGNEX Vision
  • Controlled air blowing in temperature and extraction of process liquid vapors
  • Brushless adjustable tilt
  • SIEMENS S7-1200 automatic controller

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