Hall Effect Sensor Verification Test Bench

This Hall effect sensor test bench is made for the programming and electrical testing of sensors made of Hall effect cells, which used to detect the gearbox position of a vehicle. The equipment is semi-automatic.

The operator places a rubber seal on the product via a seal mounting clamp. The operator then positions the connector and the sensor cup on the test cassette.

The operator pushes a button “start cycle” that launches the automatic tests of non-electrical characteristics (seal presence and color, insert, beam length…).

Then, a PC performs electrical checks, capacitance measurements via a RLC bridge and programming the cell using signals obtained by moving a target driven by a rotary table. Each compliant product is engraved by micro-percussion and crated.

Technical characteristics of the Hall effect sensor test bench:

  • Multi-reference bench using interchangeable cassettes
  • Schunk Joint Mounting Pliers
  • Presence detector set, color, distance Keyence
  • PLC and Pro-face display
  • RLC Measurement Bridge
  • Cell programming card
  • Micro-percussion marking
  • Precision rotary table

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