Custom Diagnostic Card Assembly Line Machine

This custom-made diagnostic card assembly line machine is a fully automatic primary packaging assembly machine that distributes plastic cards from a unstacker on which an impregnation of a reagent has been applied to the grooves of the card. Then a self-adhesive plastic film is deposited to close the impregnated grooves on each side of the card.

Then a plastic tube is unwound from a spool, straightened mechanically and cut to the right length and put into an angle of the card. It is then hot formed and cooled with ice water. A labeling allows the identification and traceability of products. A vision control allows to verify the right realization of the various steps. At the end of the line, the cards are restacked and made available to the line operator.

The assembly is designed to limit the generation of metal particles that could pollute the reagent and allows easy cleaning of areas in the close proximity of the product. The immediate rate varies from 60 to 100 per minute depending on the steps.

Technical characteristics of the diagnostic card assembly machine:

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