Bottle Unscrambler Line

Bottle Unscrambler Line

The presence of a pharmaceutical packaging unscrambler is essential in a production line. This machine is necessary for the packaging of the products and is usually located at the last stage of the production process.

Whether it is for primary or secondary packaging, the quality of the product packaging remains high with this type of machine.

When is a Pharmaceutical Packaging Unscrambler Useful?


A pharmaceutical packaging unscrambler allows the packaging of products. This type of machine can take various forms depending on its purpose. It can be a bottle or vial unscrambler, for a manufacturing company, linear or rotary. The bottles and flasks can be classified as a pre-positioning system or as a random movement system for bottles and flasks.

This equipment can be used in a production line for all companies in all sectors, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, etc. A selector and a funnel can be included in the machine when the filling of containers is also necessary. However, it can simply straighten the containers in the right position to feed the filler.


Packaging Straightening Machine for the Pharmaceutical Industry


In the pharmaceutical sector, it is possible to have, for example, a packaging machine for pharmaceutical filters. This machine allows the temporary packaging of pharmaceutical filters between 2 production steps. Filters are stacked automatically by a 6-axis robot at the output of the upstream machine. A cardboard box with a plastic bag is placed on a motorized roller conveyor and conveyed to a robotic cell. The insertion of the filter stack is facilitated by a straightener, which orients the carton after the bag has been applied to its walls.


Please nte that a pharmaceutical unpacking machine plays an important role in saving energy and time. It prevents your production from being stopped and takes up little space, as it is compact.


Made by MGA Technologies


The above-mentioned machine is one of the specialties of the company MGA Technologies. In the design of the pharmaceutical packaging unscrewing machine, the company takes care to minimize the generation of mechanical particles and to facilitate its cleaning. Current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP are taken into account by MGA Technologies from the definition of the architecture of your machine. The company’s engineers also take into account the management of batch changes and line voids.

The distribution and implementation of the products to be packaged are particularly well cared for to preserve their integrity. A print on the packaging allows the management of the identification of the batches as well as their traceability. As for quality control, it is carried out from other sensors specific to the application or by vision.

If you need a particular application for your machine to straighten pharmaceutical packaging, MGA Technologie has the capacity to provide you with the appropriate solutions. For further information, please send your request for quotation to the company’s technical department.

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