Robotic bin picking cell

Robotic bin picking cell

A robotic bin picking cell is made for the process of staging products, components or parts, especially if they are delivered loose in a container.

Automated picking is advantageous when the conveyor and the assembly station are integrated into the production line with the help of gripper robots. The robotic unstacking cell offers manufacturers extreme flexibility for optimal production.

Advantages of a Robotic Bin Picking Cell


A robotic bin picking cell is the best way to locate a component, a product or a part, to identify it and to pick it up and place it at a precise orientation and position. The cell allows sorting, positioning and loading of products or components by unit.

For applications where parts or components are provided in bulk, gripper robots are a great help. They are equipped with intelligent and sensitive grippers for the identification of each part. Sensors as well as image processing modules allow them to identify the parts to be picked up. Successful gripping is the result of collaboration between the robot, the components, the sensors, and the control system.

The presence of a robotic bin picking cell in the production process offers many advantages:

  • Quality: gentle handling and no clashes between parts;
  • Flexibility: it can handle different parts of various sizes and shapes;
  • Ease of use: its configuration is simplified;
  • Versatility: no particular criteria of weight and shape of the parts are imposed by the system;
  • Productivity gain: the bin picking cell increases the production rate.

The robotized bin-picking cell also offers manufacturers a definite gain in terms of agility. It allows them to have a dominant position in their sector. Unlike special machines, that are designed for a specific function, the robotic bin-picking cell can be easily adapted to changing products.

In general, this robotized cell is integrated upstream of the various robotic operations: component insertion, assembly, packaging, etc.


A Robotic Bin Picking Line for What Sectors?


Factories from different sectors can use a robotized cell in their production unit. The integrators adapt to the needs and to the choice of standardization, expressed by the users, whether they are from the electrical and electronic, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, automotive, food-processing or aeronautical sectors.

Many integrators are present on the market. They are able to manage each project of the applicants. The solutions proposed by the designers are, in general, supplied on a turnkey basis. These industrial actors provide support from design to manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Most integrators also offer after-sales services and corrective or preventive maintenance operations.

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