Glass Vial and Bottle Laser Marking Machine

Searching for a glass vial laser marking machine? This equipment can laser mark aluminium caps on 3ml glass vials and then automatically load them into single-unit output crystallizers at a rate of 600 vials per minute.

The products are conveyed throughout the machine by a tailor-made mechanical system composed of 4 worm screws and 6 notched wheels. The unit is driven by 10 synchronized brushless motors driven by an advanced control system ensuring perfect synchronization between each of the elements.

A laser system is used to mark each vial on a restricted area of 2 mm x 9 mm (H x W).

A touch-sensitive HMI console allows the machine to be operated and displays production and defect indicators to the operators in real time.

The machine has been designed with high performance, reliability and dimensional constraints in mind while respecting the requirements of a pharmaceutical environment and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).


Characteristics of the laser marking machine


The technical characteristics of the laser marking machine for vials:

  • Maximum output: 600 bottles per minute
  • 10 synchronous brushless motors based on SIEMENS SIMATIC / SINAMICS technology
  • High performance industrial laser marking
  • Latest generation of SIEMENS PLC
  • HMI Touch Panel 15′
  • Stainless steel box

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Download the Laser Marking Machine for Vials Flyer