Custom Automatic Sensor Production Line Machine

This custom automatic sensor production line  machine has been designed to be modular to allow different configurations for any customer site. It is designed for electronic sensor assembly.

The first post cuts segments from a reel using a cutting tool after straightening and positioning them on a pallet transfer that constitutes the backbone of the machine. A HCCB MGA Technologies bending machine prepares the sensors by bending them to the required shape and cutting them to the intended dimensions. A 6-axis poly-articulated robot takes the prepared sensors and positions them at the locations provided on the pallet on which the segment was placed.

The set is oriented and transferred to a laser welding station with a visually controlled shot. The pallet is moved by numerical XYZ axes to put the soldering points in firing position under a fixed laser. Then the pallet is transferred to a 3D visual defect examination. 

Finally, the set is made available to the line operator who can make a final visual check and reject any items. The line operator can transfer the assembled product to the next step in the process.

Technical characteristics of the automatic line for the production of electronic sensors:

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