Vial Bottle Sterility Filling and Capping Machine

Vial Bottle Sterility Filling and Capping Machine

The packaging of liquid products in bottles requires the use of efficient equipment. The aim is to improve the production performance of the company and to encourage its development.

As a result of technological developments, many companies are choosing to equip their production lines with an automatic filling and capping machine. How does it work and what are the advantages of using it? This article tells you more.

Automatic Filling and Capping Machine for Aseptic Vials: Operation


The automatic filling and capping machine for aseptic vials is very useful in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries. It is an industrial robotic solution designed to facilitate the filling and capping of vials. It is suitable for packaging liquid food or pharmaceutical products as it is aseptic. In other words, it does not contain any infectious germs that could spoil the products or make them unfit for consumption.

The bottle filling and capping robot can operate automatically or semi-automatically. In the first case, it is controlled by a computer program installed on a computer. In the second case, it is managed by an operator via an intuitive and ergonomic interface. Whatever its management mode, the machine can fill and cap various types of products, both viscous and liquid.

The robot consists of many components, such as peristaltic pumps. These act automatically and individually to fill the bottles. Other components include the dosing circuit, the filling nozzles and the particle controller. Optionally, you can include other types of components in your quotation, such as an accumulation table, light flow, automatic capsule dispensing, etc.

To set up your 4.0 business transformation project, integrate a high-performance, customized robotic solution into your production line. To do this, let our team accompany you and choose the automatic bottle filling and capping machines offered by MGA Technologies.


Benefits of an Automated Filling and Capping Machine


The use of an automated aseptic filling and capping machine meets the company’s need to be competitive in its industry. As the machine offers a high production rate and speed, it ensures a greater gain in productivity, without increasing costs. Its production capacity far exceeds that of human beings, especially as it can be operational at any time.

The filling rate can be changed according to customer needs. The same applies to dosing. This makes the bottle filling and capping robots flexible. In addition, filling machines for pharmaceutical or cosmetic products guarantee the quality of the products handled and also the safety of consumers. Filling and capping is done with great precision. What’s more, the equipment can integrate an aseptic production line.

In addition, the filling and capping robot can integrate other features. For example, it can be combined with a capping, screwing, labeling unit, etc. It is also easy to maintain and emits only a small amount of mechanical particles over time.

Therefore, the integration of the automatic aseptic bottle filling and capping machine into the company’s production system has only advantages; savings, productivity, cost reduction, product quality, etc. We advise you to choose MGA Technologies as your partner. Whether you need packaging production units, with standard or individual specifications, we are able to satisfy your needs.

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