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Always at your service and conscious of your product and process constraints, we design and manufacture your custom machines to accompany you towards the industry of the future. Always on the lookout for innovative mechatronic and digital technologies, let our teams guide you in your choices to maintain your competitiveness and shake up your market.

Let’s Design and Build Your Performance Together

We use our know-how, skills and experience to ensure the success of your investment projects. Understanding your needs and constraints, combining them with the latest technologies in order to be the most relevant, these are our challenges.

We wish to accompany you in your projects, to follow you in your subsidiaries to coordinate your industrial processes and to help you to control the coherence of your global investment strategy. The strength of our initial proposal allows us to suggest technical alternatives in order to enrich your specifications in the light of our experience. Our offer starts with pre-studies, proofs of concept, prototyping and budgeting.

After this initial consultation phase, we will study and carry out your projects according to your specifications right up to the launch of your installations. As soon as your equipment is in use, MGA Technologies offers its services to carry out the maintenance and technical follow-up in your facilities or remotely with digital tools. We can also carry out upgrades, curative and preventive maintenance and remote monitoring of indicators in your current facilities.

MGA Technologies - About Us

Our mission is to support our customers in the successful automation of their assembly and control processes in clean environments.

Our ambition is to help you produce with greater reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

Our raison d’être is to accelerate and promote technical, technological and scientific progress for the health of all and the protection of our planet.

With the integration of ATG Technologies in Avignon, Focussia in Montpellier and the start-up of our new medical instruments and devices activity in Roanne, the team is now the French leader in the industry of the future for the health and semiconductor industries.

MGA Technologies in Figures

Year of Creation

Founded in 1980 in Lyon, MGA Technologies has built its experience and reputation on the robustness of its mechanical designs. Among the first integrators of special machines to develop robotized islands in clean rooms, MGA Technologies has forged an identity as a specialist in the design and production of assembly and inspection equipment in clean environments over the subsequent years.

Originally focused on mechanical industries, MGA Technologies, in contact with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries of the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes region (France), has developed more than 1,000 machines mainly intended for assembly, sterile processes, control and special packaging applications. Filling machines, wicket fillers, sealing machines, impregnators, dilutors, harvesters, capping machines, screwing machines, gluing machines, crimping machines, bagging machines, blistering machines, heat sealing machines, shrink-wrapping machines, marking machines, folding machines, loaders, cutting machines, enameling machines, presses, magnets, handling robots, palletizers, counters, storage, transfers and special conveyors: these are just some of the many applications that we have encountered. From the company’s foundation to the present day, we continue to design our products with the same passion and determination to succeed with you.

Pieces of Equipment Designed and Built

Continents Served by MGA

By accompanying our customers in their subsidiaries, and then gradually spreading out from their initial sites, MGA Technologies has delivered machines on all five continents. We ensure the service of our machines through preventive maintenance and calibration of critical functions. Our determination to pursue this internationalization pushes us to accompany you wherever you wish to control your manufacturing processes.

With a clientele of large accounts and dynamic companies in their market, MGA Technologies has a wide portfolio of customers with a trait of process industry in clean environments. We are active in various sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnologies and medical devices, food processing, mechanical industries, textile equipment, plastics, electrical and electronic components, watchmaking, energy, aeronautics, automotive and packaging machines.



Hybrid Vehicle for the MGA Technologies Fleet

It is obvious that human activity has had an impact on the warming of the atmosphere, the oceans and the earth. MGA Technologies wishes to assume its responsibilities and participate in the solution to the challenges facing the world.

To this end, we are proud to have two “éclaireurs du coq vert” (French Label) among our teams, a community of committed actors in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, who are responsible for implementing concrete actions to reduce the carbon footprint of MGA Technologies’ activities. Carbon footprint, elimination of energy mudas, eco-design pathway, and other actions should allow us to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Since 2017, the reception of visitors at MGA Technologies is done by Major Tom, our humanoid robot designed by Softbank Robotics. Able to detect human faces, he interacts with you when you arrive to introduce you to the company and inform our teams of your arrival.

And if you’re a little early, he won’t hesitate to offer you to do some dance steps or take a selfie with him! Robots at the service of people, that’s one of our fundamental commitments!

Humanoid Collaborator 4.0

Industrial Sites in France

Historically based in the Lyon region, the MGA Technologies family has grown over the years. Now, in addition to our head office and production workshop of more than 6000m² in Civrieux d’Azergues, we also have a site in Roanne dedicated to the licensed production of medical devices.

In Avignon, our subsidiary ATG Technologies specializes in the design and production of custom machines for the semiconductor industry. Finally, in Montpellier, our subsidiary FOCUSSIA is in charge of the development of hardware and software solutions that allow machines to communicate, in particular following the SECS/GEM protocol.

The MGA Technologies Team

Discover Our Ecosystem

MGA TechLab 4.0

Our innovation center, dedicated to helping our customers turn innovative ideas into future industrial realities.

ATG Technologies

Our subsidiary in Avignon specialized in custom machines destined for the semiconductor world and advanced robotics applications.


Our subsidiary in Montpellier, France, specializes in the SECS/GEM protocol and in hardware and software solutions which enable machines to communicate.

La French Fab

The network of industrial players located in France who are united in their resolve to develop French industry.

Our Values

Because values are the link between us when there is success but also in difficult times, here are MGA Technologies core values:


To respect everyone: our clients, our partners, our employees and our environment


To innovate all the time, in order to design the best technical solutions


To deliver performance and progress for the benefits of our clients


To adapt to all situations as a team to provide the best possible service


To be reliable, to commit and deliver on quality, costs and lead times

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