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We design and build your assembly and control equipment to improve your industrial performance. We collaborate closely with you,  working with your specific product and process constraints. We focus on constant technological innovation and our teams help you in your own decisions to increase your competitivity.

Designing and Building Your Performance Together

We deploy our expertise, our competency and our experience to deliver success for your investment projects. Understanding your needs and constrainsts, allying them with latest technologies, here is our challenge. Our goal is to follow your international development in your subsidiaries to coordonate your industrial processes and to help you to control your overall global CAPEX investment strategy. Our added value proposition allows us to suggest alternative techniques to upgrade your User Requirements Specifications thanks to our wide industrial experience. Our projects start with pre-study conceptual design phase and budget estimates. We then study and we help complete your User Requirements Specifications, down to the start-up and commissioning of your installations. As soon as we deliver the equipment to your production teams, MGA Technologies offers ramp up, maintenance services and technical follow-up. We can also execute upgrades, carry over, maintenance as well as preventive maintenance of your existing installation. We help you to produce with reliability, flexibility & efficiency.

Our focus is to help our clients in the success of their assembly and control process automation in clean environment.

MGA Technologies in Figures

Years of Experience

Launched in 1980 in Lyon, MGA Technologies has built its experience and reputation on its robust and reliable mechanical designs. Amongst the first specialist machine integrators to develop robots cells in clean environment, MGA Technologies has created, over the years, an reputation as a specialist in the design and building of assembly and control systems in clean environments.

Originally focused on mechanical industries, MGA Technologies, in collaboration with regional pharmaceutical, biotech and medical companies in Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes region, has developed more than 1,000 machines mainly used for assembly, control and special packaging applications. These machines are used for filling, visioning, welding, screwing, taping, press fitting, marking, folding, loading, enamelling, pressing, magnetizing, robots transferring, counting, storing, transferring and conveying. Always with the same passion and determination: to succeed with you.

Designed and Built Machines


Accompanying our clients with their local subsidiary operations and then moving to international operations, MGA Technologies has delivered machine tools to all 5 continents. We provide international service, preventive maintenance and calibration on critical functions. Our determination to follow this internationalisation pushes us to go with you everywhere you need help to master your industrial processes.

With large key accounts and dynamic clients leading their markets, MGA Technologies many customers with the same profile: process industry in clean environment. The different sectors include pharmaceutical, biotechnologies and medical industries, food, mechanical, textile, plastics industries, electrical and electronic components, energy, aeronautic and automotive industries.


m€ of Turnover Each Year

In constant growth since our launch, MGA Technologies is a fast, flexible and financially strong company. Our net profits allow us to constantly invest every year, especially in information systems, CAD tools and training our teams to stay up-to-date and master market disruption.

Because your markets and your needs are ever more complex and stringent, MGA Technologies partners with the best technological firms in their specialities. Robots, numeric axis systems, process controls systems, digital vision, actuators, sensors, controls systems, marking systems, we choose and recommend to you the best solutions for your processes and your products. Out experience and our partner network is available for you.

Technological Partners

Engineers and Technicians

The MGA Technologies team is guided by the same passion: to make your projects successful. From the design phase, our project managers, our CAD engineers and our draughtsmen collaborate with you to find the best solutions to optimize your industrial processes. Our automation and robotics engineers analyze your production requirements to produce a process control system that matches your specifications. Our mechanical engineers and our setters ensure professional assembly and commissioning with detailed acceptance protocols in our factory and on site – FAT / SAT.

Our Values

Because values are the link between us when there is success but also in difficult times, here are MGA Technologies core values:


To respect everyone: our clients, our partners, our employees and our environment


To innovate all the time, in order to design the best technical solutions


To deliver performance and progress for the benefits of our clients


To adapt to all situations as a team to provide the best possible service


To be reliable, to commit and deliver on quality, costs and lead times

They Trust Us

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