Thermosealing Machine for Pharmaceutical Tubes

The thermosealing machine for pharmaceutical tubes has been designed for use in clean environments and clean rooms. This machine is used to separate sterile process devices connected using thermoplastic pipes or tubes.

The medical sector, the pharmaceutical industry and research rely most heavily on the use of the pharmaceutical tube heat sealer. Thermal welding eliminates microorganisms that can proliferate in tubes and machines during disconnection.


Existing solutions for sealing pharmaceutical tubes

Two main types of pharmaceutical tube heat sealers exist on the world market:

  • The single-use sealing machine: this machine requires the integration of small pins before and after its use, then manually or with a machine, you cut the tube to the level predefined by the supplier. These elements are generally made of plastic and are easy to install and use. The operation can, however, be very tedious in the long term due to the increase in waste. What’s more, you also have to buy the proprietary pins. The effectiveness of aseptic disconnection may, however, be questioned due to improper attachment.
  • The multiple-use heat sealer: pharmaceutical tubes are fusion sealed to be ready to be cut. This is a solution that guarantees a perfectly aseptic disconnection without effort. Apart from the ease of use of the machine, you are not obliged to buy the pins. This considerably reduces costs and management in clinics, hospitals and laboratories as long as fusion-sealable pharmaceutical tubes, such as Saint-Gobain’s C-Flex® brand thermoplastic tubes, are used and a pair of scissors are available.


Thermosealing Machine for Pharmaceutical Tubes

The heat sealer manufactured by MGA Technologies has been specially designed to disconnect the pharmaceutical tubes that connect your process devices. The tubes are integrated in a clamp which will be locked with an electromagnet once the machine is closed.

The disconnection cycle is then started by your operator. The temperature of the ceramic device increases until it slightly exceeds the melting point of the pharmaceutical tube (Advantaflex®, C-Flex®).

The temperature maintenance phase ensures the destruction of all types of bacteria that can contaminate the hose and its fusion. Integrated in the device, a vane pump reduces the tube temperature until it is safe for your operator.

The clamps then release the tube for visual inspection and your operator cuts it with a pair of scissors.


The technical characteristics of the MGA Technologies heat sealer


  • The machine is suitable for sealing new or autoclaved tubes 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ in diameter;
  • Several aluminium clamps of different sizes and adapted to the various tube diameters;
  • The heat sealer can be used on 110V / 220/230v – 50/60Hz mains.

Why should you choose the multi-purpose heat sealer?


MGA Technologies’ pharmaceutical tube heat-sealing machine guarantees you a completely aseptic disconnection many times over. In addition, it does not require the purchase of large quantities of dewclaws. This saves you time, money and waste. The machine is designed and manufactured in France, in the suburbs of Lyon.

You can obtain a quote by contacting our technicians directly or request the product sheet of the pharmaceutical tube heat sealer manufactured by MGA Technologies.

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