Teclis Scientific - Study of surfaces and interfaces to characterize foams and emulsions

Teclis Scientific is a French leader in the study of interfaces and surfaces for the characterization of emulsions and foams. Located in the Lyon region, the company offers its activities to companies operating in the fields of energy, food, life sciences and cosmetics. With its more than 25 years of expertise in this market, it also offers its services to government and academic research institutes.

Teclis Scientific’s expertise


Specialized in the design of measuring instruments and science interfaces, Teclis Scientific offers its customers solutions that combine scientific expertise and cutting-edge technology. With a team of doctors and engineers in physics, biology and chemistry in interface and surface studies, Teclis Scientific develops advanced software and designs intelligent and modular instruments by providing a complete range of measurements and data.

The wide range of laboratory services and measuring instruments offered by the company allows Teclis Scientific to support academic and industrial research in the development of their products. Repeatable and 100% reliable measurements are guaranteed by the company while taking into account the scale of its customers’ experience and adapting its field of expertise.

In order to be as close as possible to the needs of its customers, Teclis Scientific has developed its distribution network. Teclis Scientific brings its added value by offering its customers analysis tools and tailor-made experiments adapted to their needs.

An exclusive and privileged manufacturing partnership


With MGA Technologies, a manufacturer specializing in the development of robotic and automated solutions for industries, Teclis Scientific maintains an exclusive and privileged partnership with new shareholders. This is a partnership that allows the company to continue its development.

From this partnership, and thanks to its new shareholders, Teclis Instruments was born, which will allow Teclis Scientific to expand internationally.

As a result of this venture, Teclis Instruments focuses on the commercial development of its range of laboratory services and measuring instruments in order to achieve its strategic ambitions. For the manufacture and development of its range of instruments, Teclis Instrument has signed an industrial partnership agreement with the specialist in the design and manufacture of control and robotic equipment, MGA Technologies.

MGA Technologies offers its services to international customers to improve the performance of their industrial facilities, whether they operate in the biotechnology, mechanical, pharmaceutical or electrical sectors.

For MGA Technologies and Teclis Scientific, this partnership agreement will make it possible to consider new market opportunities in the medium term, in addition to industrial synergies.

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