Sterile Disconnection of Tubes

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, the use of thermoplastic elastomer tubes is necessary to connect different equipment. When circumstances require the separation of two pieces of equipment, a sterile disconnection by means of soldering is essential. This operation must be carried out in a clean room using a specific machine that guarantees the safe and aseptic disconnection of process equipment. In effect, sealing makes it possible to destroy any micro-organism that may be on the tube when it is being disconnected.


Sterile Disconnection of Tubes

The sterile disconnector ensures the perfect aseptic disconnection of the tubes. Here is how this device works to disconnect two pieces of equipment:

  1. To disconnect the tube in order to separate two pieces of equipment, the tube is placed in a clamp
  2. After closing, an electromagnet locks the clamp
  3. The operator then starts the disconnection cycle
  4. The first phase consists of increasing the temperature of the clamps with a heating device until it slightly exceeds the melting point of the tube
  5. In the second phase, which consists of maintaining the temperature, any presence of external elements on both sides of the clamp is eliminated. This temperature level allows a safe melting of the tube
  6. The device incorporates a rotary vane pump that reduces the melting temperature level to allow the operator to safely handle
  7. The clamp opening is then released by the electromagnet for safe handling
  8. In order to validate the process, a visual inspection is carried out by the operator. The tube is then cut by the operator using a pair of scissors

Technical Specifications of the MGA Technologies Sterile Disconnector


The sterile disconnector designed by MGA Technologies is compatible with autoclaved or new tubes of 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ in diameter. It is also accompanied by various sets of anodized aluminium jaws/grips to support different formats. This device does not require compressed air, it is connected to the 110/220/230V – 50/60 Hz mains.


Sterile Tube Connector: Why it’s Necessary


If you need to reconnect tubes in a completely sterile way, the use of another machine is necessary. This device makes it easier to connect the tubes between two pieces of equipment. It is a sterile connector that aseptically and by thermo sealing fuses thermoplastic elastomer tubes. It ensures that all contamination risks are eliminated during the cleanroom connection operation.

Company MGA Technologies


MGA Technologies is a Lyon-based company that specializes in the design and manufacture of various special machines dedicated to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

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