Pharmaceutical and Sanitary Hose Reel

The use of a pharmaceutical or sanitary hose reel is indispensable for sectors that need optimal degree of hygiene. This device is necessary for production, storage and packaging factories. Very convenient for storing tubes, the tube reel can be used in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Different Types of Pharmaceutical Tube Reels


Usually made of stainless steel, pharmaceutical tube reels are available in two types: manual reels and automatic reels. These pharmaceutical tube reels are perfectly adapted to coil all types of medical and pharmaceutical tubes. They can be used in clean rooms and can be equipped with two vertical or horizontal heads.

In the medical industry, they can be used as a hose reel for therapeutic oxygen hoses and can, in this case, rewind two tubes.


Manual Hose Reel


A manual rewinder has a handle attached to one of the flanges of the device. The operator can easily unwind and rewind the hose manually. Depending on the design of the manual hose reel, the length of the winding or unwinding can vary from a few metres to 70 metres, depending on the diameter and thickness of the hoses, which can also vary.


Automatic Hose Reel


The automatic tube reel is more suitable for intensive use. To unwind the tube, the operator simply pulls the hose. The reel is equipped with an automatic ratchet that allows the operator to maintain the length chosen by the operator. To rewind the tube, the operator simply pulls the tube sharply. The reel’s return spring facilitates quick rewinding to the tube stop. Coiling lengths vary from a few metres to 40 metres, depending on the diameter and thickness of the pipe.

The advantage of the automatic pharma hose reel is that it offers safe storage of the hose and can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. An automatic hose reel can be easily installed in any extrusion line and offers improved productivity.

An automatic pharma hose reel can have one or two return springs. The models dedicated to the food and pharmaceutical industries are also specific to those industries.


Various Hose Reel Options


Many tube reel manufacturers can offer different options according to their customers’ requirements. For example, they can offer automatic or manual reels with a swivel or fixed support.

For added safety, manufacturers also offer their customers an automatic reel with a brake.

Tailor-made reels can also be designed by manufacturers according to the exact needs of the customers. For example, the reel can be supplied with supply hoses, a spray gun or spray gun/ lance (for washing stations). As an option, depending on the application of the device, a dosing station for one or two medical or pharmaceutical products can be mounted on the pharmaceutical tube reel.

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