Pharma Tube Sealing Machine Tool

The pharmaceutical tube sealing machine tool, or sealer, is used in clean rooms to separate sterile process equipment connected by tubes.

Typically used in pharma and the medical sectors, the sealing machine is designed to avoid any risk of proliferation of microorganisms in machines and tubes at the time of disconnection.


Legacy solutions for sealing pharmaceutical tubes

There are currently 2 types of tools already exist for sealing pharmaceutical tubes:

  • Single-use tools: Many manufacturers offer single-use solutions. You integrate a disconnector upstream or downstream of its use then via a machine or manually, the line is disconnected. Most of the time these tools are made of plastic, are simple elements to put in place but can be tedious in the long term because increase the waste and an additional cost purchasing of small proprietary elements. Finally, the risk of poor fixation could reduce its aseptic disconnection effectiveness,
  • Multi-purpose sealing machine tools: These machines seal the tubes by melting them to be ready for cutting. It is a simple solution that guarantees disconnection effectiveness without any effort. In addition, you do not need to purchase additional items, which limits costs and management within labs, hospitals and clinics. The main constraint is the use of pharmaceutical tubes that can be fusion sealed (like Saint-Gobain C-Flex tubes). More info about the C-Flex tubes.


MGA Technologies pharma tubes sealing machine tool


The MGA Technologies machine tool is used to seal pharmaceutical tubes to disconnect process devices by pinching them in a locked jaw. The locking of the tube by the machine is done thanks to an electromagnetic magnet after closing clamps for a 100% sterile lock.

The operator then starts the cycle to seal the tube using fusion. The ceramic tool heats up to a temperature that slightly exceed the melting point of the pharma tube (C-Flex). A short phase of temperature maintenance makes it possible to guarantee the melting and to destroy any possibility of development of micro-organisms that would have slipped between the clamp and the tube. Then, a vane pump (included in the machine tool) cools the tube to a safe temperature for the operator. Finally, the machine releases the clamps from the tube. After a visual verification of the fusion, the tube can be sectioned easily with a pair of scissors.

Technical characteristics of the MGA Technologies sealer


The technical characteristics of the MGA Technologies sealer:

  • Machine tool adapted to seal C-Flex and TPE tubes, new or autoclaved diameter 1/4 “, 1/2” and 3/4 “,
  • Several aluminum “jaw” sizes included (for different tube diameters),
  • Usable on 110V / 220 / 230V – currents of 50 / 60Hz.

Why choosing the multi-purpose sealing machine tool?


The MGA Technologies sealing machine tool allows you to completely plug and unplug tubes repeatedly without having to buy new components.

The sealer saves you money, time and most importantly, avoid material logistics while limiting waste at the exit, for a cleaner and simplified environment.

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