O3P Solutions - Pharmaceutical Preparation & Process Optimization

O3P Solutions (Optimization of Pharmaceutical Processes and Preparations) brings together the skills of senior specialists and uses its know-how to provide simpler, original and specific solutions to pharmaceutical needs. The company’s goal is to contribute to the improvement of treatments, quality, efficiency and safety.

3P Solutions Assets


The achievement of O3P Solutions’ goals is based on its many advantages:

  • a recognized know-how to manage complex projects thanks to the variety of experiences of its founders,,
  • a perfect knowledge of the world of hospitals and health environment,
  • a network of specialist service providers able to provide support in all its marketing and development projects (plastics, robotics, processors, mechanics, designers, etc.).


Different Solutions made by O3P Solutions


O3P Solutions has twenty years of experience and markets various medical devices and services.

Different products for the medical and pharmaceutical sector are offered by O3P Solutions: ROMEO reconstitution tool, Anti Residual Space syringe and an AER syringe.

ROMEO Reconstitution Tool


The ROMEO reconstitution tool is designed to extend the hand of the operator. It guarantees optimal physical and chemical protection and facilitates the handling that the user must perform. The tool increases productivity and provides operators with reliable protection against musculoskeletal disorders. This also produces financial savings for employers.

ROMEO is available in two versions:

  • ROMEO 0.1 is suitable for benchtop and microbiological safety stations (MSP) in laboratories.
  • ROMEO 0.2, due to its smaller size, is intended for isolators.

The use of the cytotoxic preparation tool, ROMEO 1, reduces musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) by 96%. As it reduces physical strain, its use improves the productivity of the preparer by 20%. ROMEO has been designed to be used as an isolator, under a laminar flow hood or on a work surface.


AER Syringe (Anti Residual Space)


A minuscule quantity of injectable specialities is thrown away on each preparation. However, the total amount of these unrecovered quantities should be of concern to any facility. The reason is that for the ten most expensive products in the anti-cancer pharmacopoeia, nearly 30 million euros disappear every year. This is a huge loss for care services. That was the goal of the development of the Anti Residual Space – AER syringe by O3P Solutions.

All O3P Solutions products are created, developed and manufactured in France.


About O3P Solutions


Founded in 2014, O3P Solutions members include a physician, a pharmacist – specialized in the reconstitution of radiotherapies and chemotherapies -, and a mechanical and electrical engineer, leading projects in the health sector.

The company offers to its clients a risk management solution (sterilization, drug circuit, chemotherapy, etc.). Components can be monitored in order to be greatly improved and adapted to the health sector. This solution allows professionals in the field to make significant savings since it is inexpensive and easy to implement.

In addition to the various products, O3P Solutions also offers preparation outsourcing. The company consults with clients and is able to answer many questions they may have: existing equipment, organization of processes, financial optimisation, quality follow-up, repercussions in their team, etc.

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