On Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th March, we are organising two MGA collaborative days. The aim of these days is to introduce our customers to the new collaborative robotics projects for industry 4.0 at our Civrieux d’Azergues offices, France.


On the Agenda of the MGA Collaborative Days:


  • Demonstration of equipment (Omron TM12 and Universal Robots UR10)
  • Presentation of concrete applications
  • Visit of our workshops and discussions with our technicians
  • CAD demonstration with virtual reality

Characteristics of Universal Robots and Omron Equipment:


  • Handling of medium loads (<15 kg)
  • Clean room compatible
  • Small footprint
  • Operator pass nearby
  • Secure shutdown and restart
  • Power supply by simple 220V plug
  • Communication with machines up and down the line via Ethernet


Location of Demonstration Site for the MGA Collaborative Days:


MGA Technologies – 22 chemin des Prés Secs – 69380 Civrieux d’Azergues.


New Synergies with ATG Technologies


Following the acquisition of ATG Technologies, MGA Technologies continues to work for the industry of the future thanks to their recognized expertise in collaborative robotics.

Download the presentation flyer for the MGA Collaborative Days on March 19th and 20th, 2019. (In French only)