Machine and Production Line Cabling and Assembly

To assemble and to cable a machine, involves analysing the specific project from the start. At the end of mechanical studies, the design department transfers to the execution team to produce a complete fabrication plan. It includes a detailed parts list and components as well as full drawings.

Parts Reception

All deliveries are recorded in our ERP system and tracked by job number. Each critical part is checked and measured with our HEXAGON articulated arm. The assembly strategy is developed using a dedicated project manager.

Production Line and Machine Assembly

A designated mechanical engineer assembles parts and integrated components starting from the design drawings file generated by the design department. If necessary, the engineer adjusts some mechanical parts to ensure perfect operation of the machine. Corrections are made on design drawings for the as-built design.

Production Line and Machine Cabling

As soon as the mechanical construction is completed, a team of electricians take over to wire the whole machine. The control cabinet is positioned and connected. The different networks defined during the automation studies are connected.

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