Fluid Transfer Hose Sealing Device

Pharmaceutical Product Packaging Line

The use of a fluid transfer hose sealer safely separates process equipment connected by hoses. When disconnecting, the risk of bacterial growth in the tubes and machines is eliminated by the sealer. It is a device that is frequently used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The hoses have physical properties that allow them to be used in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech fields. These properties allow them to melt and harden reversibly under the effect of cold and heat.


Two Categories of Fluid Transfer Hose Sealing Device


Two main categories of devices used to seal different transfer tubes can be found on the world market:

  • Single-use Sealing Devices

Many manufacturers offer single-use sealing devices. To be able to carry out the operation on these types of devices, you need to integrate a disconnector upstream or downstream. The line is then cut manually or with the help of a machine tool. These elements are often made of plastic and simple to install. However, in the long term, this can be tedious since the purchase of small proprietary components leads to additional costs and increases waste. The sterile disconnecting power could also be jeopardized due to the risk of improper fastening.

  • Multi-use Sealers

By melting, the hoses are ready to be cut when they are sealed from the unit. Effortless disconnection is also guaranteed thanks to this solution. The use of these sealers does not require the purchase of additional components. Costs and management in clinics, hospitals and laboratories are limited. The only constraint remains in the use of heat-sealable tubes (made of TPE) and that the operator has a pair of scissors at his disposal. Learn more about TPE tubes.


Fluid Transfer Hose Sealer by MGA Technologies


MGA Technologies manufactures a transfer hose sealer that ensures reliable disconnection of TPE tubes connecting process equipment. This device ensures quality disconnections because the sealing cycle is done automatically.

The device designed and manufactured by MGA Technologies offers the advantage of saving time, money and limits waste. It also avoids the logistics of purchasing materials regularly.

MGA Technologies has made the design and manufacturing of special machines its expertise. All its solutions are dedicated to companies working in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries.

Ask directly the company’s technical team for a free estimate. The product sheet of the MGA Technologies transfer hose sealer is available.

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