Electronic Test Benches

Electronic Test Benches

Electronic test benches are essential, particularly in the industrialisation of products. They enable a product to be put into controlled and parameterisable conditions of use and to observe its behaviour.

Test benches are very common in the industry and represent an important part of the development budget of a product. The manufacture and industrialisation of a product is simply impossible without a test bench. Everything about the design and construction of a test bench at MGA Technologies.

What is the Purpose of an Electronic Test Bench?


The solid experience of the engineers in our company, MGA Technologies, enables us to manufacture  an electronic test bench for you which will allow you to measure the performance of your product and to carry out the adjustment of it. We can develop a device that can be semi-automatic in order to guide your operator in making the measurements. It can also be fully automated and drive the measuring instruments directly while performing the test autonomously.

A software program runs the different test scenarios. This software also allows the results of the measurements and calculations to be recorded and the results to be edited in a file. To help with its development, specific tools for the electronic test bench can be used by our engineers

Using an automatic test bench is a great advantage for you as it limits errors and reduces repetitive manual tasks. As the operation is automated, we can increase test coverage. The test bench also delivers a great reduction in validation check-ups, which optimises the productivity of your team and offers you a significant economic gain.


Electronic Test Benches Design and Realization


We follow precise procedures in the design of an electronic test bench. This helps you to ensure the industrialisation of your product. We carry out several analyses (functional, value and need) beforehand. During the development of the device, we also take into account the standards in force. The design phase of the test bench includes the dimensioning calculation, the layout, the simulation and the choice of design. We design the test benches so that they are suitable for a volume increase.

The implementation phase includes the assembly of the test bench and the drafting of a technical file. Our technicians and engineers also carry out adjustments to ensure the quality of the device, which is then marked. We will also train your operators in the use of the equipment in order to guarantee better operation.

We respect the applicable standards and directives (EN61000, C15-100, EN60204…) in the design and manufacture of our electronic test benches.

Like all designers and manufacturers of electronic test benches, we are also required to take into account the mechanical aspect of the equipment, the interface and control electronics and the management software. We pay particular attention to the safety aspect and the notions of ergonomics for your operator. The maintenance approach is also taken into consideration during the design phase.

We give you the possibility to evaluate the cost of your investment by means of a quotation request for your electronic test bench.

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