Custom Machine Tool Design and Consulting

Successful consulting requires listening, experimenting, creativity and even questioning of existing principles. To understand clearly the customer requirements, to integrate the constraints and existing processes, is the first step towards the solution. Providing proven alternatives, through simplification, technological innovation and analogy with principles used in other industries. 

The preferred methodology during this upstream phase of the project are listening, pencil and paper. A good understanding of the problem is fundamental to the success of the machine tool. Perfect communication between MGA Technologies and its client is necessary to ensure teamwork.

Our 1,000 years of project experience and the 1,000 machines delivered by MGA Technologies allow us to calmly approach this upstream phase by applying principles already implemented in previous projects. Our client-dedicated account managers gradually accumulate the experience of your specific products and your industrial processes that allows us to capitalize and increase our relevance over the years of our partnership. Critical functions are identified and receive special attention: upstream prototyping, testing and expert consultation.

By specializing in  assembly and control in clean environments, MGA Technologies practices cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), the constraints of the hygienic and aseptic designs, easily cleanable by removing the angles, retention areas and hard-to-reach areas. With nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing machines for the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories, our own designs are proven.

Also serving the automotive industry with significant projects,  we have learned through the years FMECA, good ergonomics for operators stations, Kaizen, Poka Yoke, optimization of take times, production rates and OE (Operational Efficiency) and more recently LEAN principles, which are all applied depending on the specific methodologies that are preferred by each client.

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