Component Lead Trimming Machine

Detectors or sensors manufacturers deliver them in rolls, cardboard strips or blister packs. They must be prepared for integration into electronic circuits or modules.

This action needs to be done by a component lead trimming machine tool. Indeed, the leads must be cut and bent in order to take the desired shape for the application of the sensor.

Why to Use this Machine for Lead Trimming?

The component lead cutting machine is the best way to bring the necessary shape to the sensors according to their application. The typical application of this machine is for Hall-effect sensors or detectors. In industry, these are used in position detection. They can have 3 to 5 pins that need to be bent from this special machine tool.

Hall-effect sensors have the particularity of allowing the detection of the presence of magnetic fields. A Hall effect is the appearance of the electromagnetic force proportional to the current and field of a conductive element integrated in an electromagnetic field. In the sensor, the voltage is amplified. For analysis, it is transmitted to an electronic circuit.

The sectors that use it include precision mechanics, automotive or aeronautics. They are most commonly used as angular speed and position sensors, for motor control, battery management or for determining the direction of rotation of a component. When the magnetic field is detected, the Hall sensor sends a signal.


Lead Trim Machine Tool Specifications

The component pin cutting machine can be automated or not. In the majority of cases, automotive suppliers use it. More than a hundred sensors can be integrated in a single vehicle.

Cutting and bending component pins can be carried out on a single special machine. Processes are done in a line on an automated machine. This guarantees the regularity of the cuts and forming.

The machine offers manufacturers many advantages, such as the limitation of waste from bending the pins. It also offers a cutting accuracy of +- 0.1 mm and a bending accuracy of < 2°. This machine can cut and preform components loaded in cardboard strip or blister, with a modular bending (up to 3 positions) from 0° to 90°. Its cutting and bending performance is 900 components per hour. The accompanying tools are modular, interchangeable and upgradeable. The machine also has a multilingual interface.

Different configurations are possible, such as optical reference reader, seals, shuttle or simple belt conveyor. Interconnection of the component tab cutting machine with an existing machine is possible and it can be integrated on an automatic machine.

MGA Technologies –Component Leg Cutting Machine Tool Manufacturer


Various manufacturers, such as MGA Technologies, offer the design of a machine for cutting and bending component spindles. However, MGA Technologies offers other special machines such as a sterile connector and disconnector for TPE tubes.

In addition to these special machines, we offer clean room equipment such as pharmaceutical service, laboratory dynamizers or medical carts.

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