Component Lead Cut and Bend Machine

A machine for lead cutting and bending components and sensors is required to prepare and integrate them into electronic circuits. Usually delivered individually, in rolls, blisters or strips, they must be cut and take the necessary shape according to their application.

To do this, it is essential to use specific automatic equipment that allows the forming and cutting of several types of components.

Component Lead Cutting and Bending Machine

This machine is especially necessary for companies looking to improve their production process or to develop new technical solutions.

In order to increase profitability, companies can integrate this automatic component lead cutting and bending machine into their robotized or semi-automated assembly line. This is a result of the machine having a cutting and bending rate of 900 sensors per hour.

The equipment, although it allows bending and chain cutting, offers one of the best cutting and bending quality on the market. Its standard application covers most hall effect sensors. The latter are also widely used as position detectors in industry.

The machine can be manual or automatic. However, the manual version is more suitable for training in schools and institutes or for testing and prototyping. The second version is more appropriate if it is necessary to prepare components in large quantities with greater accuracy.


Characteristics of the Component Lead Cut and Bend Machine

This equipment is fully automated, very compact with a length of 625 mm, a depth of 600 mm and a height of 640 mm. Loading and unloading are done manually. It allows bending from 0° to 90° with a calibrated cut of the legs with a modular bending up to 3 positions. It can cut and bend 900 components per hour. The tools that accompany this equipment are interchangeable, scalable and modular.

It can also be interconnected with one or more existing machines. It can be perfectly integrated on an automatic machine that is part of a production line. It offers different configurations: in containers, in a simple belt conveyor or in a shuttle. Its other advantage is that it can be used on production sites around the world thanks to its multilingual interface.

Component Lead Cutting and Bending Machine by MGA Technologies


Specialized in the creation and manufacture of special machines, MGA Technologies offers various solutions for professionals in the precision engineering, automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries. Among our achievements, we can mention, for example, the integration of the sensor cutting and forming machine into an automatic line for the manufacture of electronic sensors (link to the page).

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