Cobot - Collaborative Robot Designer & Manufacturer

Pharmaceutical Product Packaging Line

Cobot designers work to provide manufacturers with the means to optimize their efficiency and the performance of their operators. The best way to do this is to integrate collaborative robots into their production process.


Benefits of a Cobot Designer’s Services


A cobot designer is the best partner for manufacturers that want to 

 enter the industry of the future. The integration of collaborative robots in their process allows them to bring more added value to their products. This approach also offers them the opportunity to enhance the value of their operators by improving their working conditions.

Several manufacturers of collaborative robots are present around the world. Each of them does their utmost to provide factories with the solutions best suited to their sector of activity.


MGA Technologies – Designer of Cobots


The increasing automation and robotization of modernizing plants has prompted MGA Technologies to design and build special machines to better support them. A France-based SME, resolutely turned towards the industry of the future, MGA Technologies works in the integration of collaborative robots in manufacturing processes. To do so, the company offers solutions for automating the control and assembly of their products.

The expertise of MGA Technologies includes: automation, vision, robotics, mechanical design, mechanical development and assembly, measurement and mixed reality, prototyping. The company also uses its skills in automation, mechanical design, robotics, mechanical tuning and assembly in order to guarantee the success of all of its clients’ projects.

Cobot designers like MGA Technologies  allow manufacturers to gain in precision, eliminate musculoskeletal disorders and improve the working conditions of their collaborators. Moreover, robotization allows manufacturers to gain in performance and quality. Collaborative robots are the best asset for companies that want products with high added value.

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