C-Flex® Tube Disconnector - Characteristics and Use

MGA Technologies manufactured the tube disconnector to safely separate C-Flex® hoses. This device prevents any bacterial proliferation when separating process devices using thermo-welding.

The disconnector is suitable for all thermoplastic elastomer or TPE tubes that can easily harden under the effect of cold and fuse under the effect of heat. This allows them to be disconnected in a completely secure and effortless way.


Saint-Gobain’s C-Flex® Hoses

C-Flex® hoses are dedicated TPE tubes for medical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications. These tubes are best suited for use in clean rooms or clean environments.

Saint-Gobain C-Flex® tubes are used in many applications for a reinforced sterile process. Here are the different applications of C-Flex® tubes:

  • Purification operation
  • Sterile process connection
  • Cell culture operation
  • Sterile process disconnection
  • Preparation of buffers and media
  • Manufacturing in the biopharmaceutical sector
  • Hoses and tubing
  • Single-use fluid transfer
  • Ultrapure water system
  • Single-use assembly
  • Products for diagnosis
  • R&D Laboratory


The Tube Disconnector C-Flex® MGA Technologies

The MGA Technologies tube disconnector has been designed to allow sterile disconnection of hoses such as C-Flex® tubes. MGA Technologies and Saint-Gobain worked closely together to develop the connector. Thus, the machine can disconnect Saint-Gobain’s C-Flex® brand tubing. To disconnect your process devices effortlessly and safely, this device is the most suitable. In addition, its use allows you to considerably reduce your costs.


How does the machine work?


The different stages of use of the machine:

  1. The tube is inserted into the clamp by your operator,
  2. Once closed, an electromagnet locks the clamp,
  3. The temperature of the clamps then increases to slightly exceed the melting point of the hose,
  4. To fuse the hose, the temperature maintenance phase is set up. It also eliminates any form of bacteria that may be present in the pipes and on the clamps,
  5. A vane pump integrated in the device then reduces the temperature in a few seconds until it is safe for your operator.
  6. The hose is then released by the clamp and your operator carries out a visual check of the fusion process. A pair of scissors will be required to cut the hose.

Advantages in the use of the C-Flex® tube disconnector


  • Long-term use: the disconnector is compatible with various TPE hoses from several brands (C-Flex®, Advanaflex®, etc.)
  • Ease of use and cost reduction: thermo-welding allows the tube to be fused and to disconnect it, you use a simple pair of scissors. To disconnect pharmaceutical tubes, you do not have to buy a large quantity of proprietary pins or connectors.

The machine is also equipped with several anodized aluminium clamps allowing it to disconnect tubes of different sizes and diameters.


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