Biotech Filling Technologies

Biotech Filling Technologies

Like other sectors, the pharmaceutical industry is also automating its production process to remain competitive.

They choose to integrate special machines and equipment into their production line. These include aseptic filling technologies, which have many advantages.

Aseptic Filling Technologies: Applications


Aseptic filling technologies include equipment that enables aseptic filling, from the preparation of the products, through to the processing of the container and its filling, to the capping of the products. Previously, these operations were carried out by operators. This was cost effective until competitors sought to increase production capacity while reducing costs.

Today, operations are almost entirely entrusted to automatic filling machines. They not only put the contents into the container, but also ensure that the products are sterile from the beginning to the end of the process.

With such equipment, operators no longer have to worry about filling tubes or other types of containers. They will no longer have to cap them manually. It is the tool that performs these repetitive tasks. It can even take over the provision of products to an employee by automatically placing them in racks. In this case, the operator only has to transport them to the storage area.

The use of these new aseptic filling technologies only has advantages, namely:

  • Productivity. Since they are faster in the execution of tasks, this leads to increased productivity. In addition, they are always operational, without any downtime. In case of increased demand, the pharmaceutical laboratory’s production can continue 24 hours a day;
  • Lower costs. As the machines take over the process until the products are packaged. Human intervention is only required to control the production line and monitor product quality;
  • Quick return on investment; even though the investment cost is relatively high, this is quickly compensated by the increase in production and the reduction in costs;
  • Precision and flexibility. The equipment is designed for sterile filling processes that comply with the relevant standards. Their configuration and settings are not complicated. After installation, they are ready for use;
  • Better control of product integrity. The equipment is designed with a set of components compatible with the aseptic environment, thus guaranteeing very low particle emission, suitable air treatment, traceability of each step, and increased cleanability. In addition, by limiting human intervention, the risk of error and contamination is reduced.


Machines with Aseptic Filling Technologies


Machines with aseptic filling technologies are equipped with various elements. These are mainly :

  • The gripper placed in the separator at the end of the vibrating rail, which has the role of taking the tube;
  • The filling station, which is responsible for filling the container;
  • The screwing station, for capping;
  • The racks.

To guarantee the quality of your pharmaceutical or cosmetic products, do not neglect the choice of your automatic filling machines. Choose a good brand. On this point, you can trust MGA Technologies. Our company is expert in the design and distribution of special machines and turnkey equipment for various types of factories. If you have a production line automation project in your company, we can provide you with competent experts. They can assist you from the design stage through to the implementation of your project.

In addition to aseptic filling technologies, MGA Technologies has other products, such as sterile connectors, sterile disconnectors, cleanroom equipment, medical trolleys, etc. To find out more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to ask for information or a quote.

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