Automated Bench Test Equipment

Automated Bench Test Equipment

To achieve optimal automation of an electronic test bench, the bench must have levels adapted to each company’s needs.

Different software and hardware elements make up a test bench. Its design, and in particular its automation, thus requires the use of several skills in mechanics, software and electronics.

Why Opt for Electronic Test Bench Automation?

Electronic test bench automation allows the device to autonomously drive the measuring instruments while performing the test. The automatic test bench gives you the possibility to measure the performance of your product and to fine-tune it. This automated equipment reduces manual tasks and minimizes errors when using the machined product. It also allows you to increase test coverage as the operation is automated.

An automatic electronic test bench optimizes your company’s productivity and offers an economic gain through reduced validation. With the help of an automated electronic test bench, you can record and output the results of measurements and calculations to a file. However, the development of the device requires the use of specific tools.

Although the automation of the electronic test bench offers many advantages, there is also an alternative in the form of semi-automated devices. These can guide your operator through the measurement process.

Different Levels of Automation of Electronic Test Benches

An automated electronic test bench is designed for the various tests of products that are to be industrialized. Various manufacturers offer complete design packages for test facilities. These offers can include the design up to the maintenance of the device.

Several levels of electronic test bench automation can also be offered by designers depending on your needs:

  • Semi-automatic test benches that are frequently used and require one-off intervention by your operator. In terms of cost, time and performance, they offer a good compromise. Semi-automatic test benches allow both simple and complex operations to be carried out.
  • Automatic test benches allow full automation of tests and require a significant effort in their design. For long and complex tests, these solutions are the most suitable.
  • Manual test benches, on the other hand, have a contained cost, which makes them accessible. They are an interesting solution for low-tech and quick tests, with continuous intervention by your operator.

Manufacturers of Electronic Test Benches

Manufacturers of electronic test benches are obliged to draw up a technical file and to include the assembly of the equipment in the implementation phase. The development also ensures the quality of the test bench. To ensure the best possible operation of your device, you are trained in its use.

The automation of your electronic test bench must also follow the specifications you have given to the manufacturer. It should be noted that the applicable standards and directives (EN60204, EN 61000, C15-100, etc.) must be observed in the design and manufacture of the device. This is what MGA Technologies does in order to provide you with products in perfect conditions of use before they are industrialized.

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