Aseptic Closure System

An aseptic hose closure system is essential when your process devices need to be separated for any reason. This system is integrated into the specially designed sterile disconnector to allow safe and reliable disconnection of the tubing connecting your installations. This device is intended for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.


The Need for the Aseptic Closure System

It is essential to use a specific device incorporating an aseptic closure system to guarantee the aseptization of the tubing when it is disconnected. This is a sterile disconnector which, during the disconnection process, destroys any micro-organism that may spread through the tubes.

The use of the aseptic closing system ensures the reliability and speed of disconnection of your empty or filled hoses. The closing system consists of fusing the tube between two aluminium clamps. Ready to use, it can be used by your operators in a clean environment.

The device is compatible with the following brands of tubing:

  • Tubes PharmaPure®
  • Tubes C-Flex®
  • Tubes SaniPure®
  • Tubes AdvantaFlex®
  • Tubes PharMed®


The Operating Principle of the Sterile Closure System

The disconnection process of the tubing takes place during 5 phases:

  • 1st phase: your operator inserts the hose between two pliers, then closes the tool. An electromagnet then locks the jaw,
  • 2nd phase: to fuse the tube, the clamps raise the temperature, using a heating device, until it slightly exceeds the melting point of the hose,
  • 3rd phase: the disconnector maintains the temperature level to ensure perfect fusion of the tube by removing any bacteria that may be present outside the tube or on the jaws,
  • 4th phase: the temperature level is reduced using a vane pump,
  • 5th phase: the electromagnet then releases the jaws to allow your operator to perform a visual check. A cutting line is visible after the tube has melted to allow your operator to cut it with a pair of scissors.

The Characteristics of the Disconnector with Aseptic Closure System


The sterile disconnector is equipped with a locking system adapted to different types of hoses, autoclaved or new of 1/4″, 3/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ in diameter. It can support different formats thanks to the clamp sets that come with it. The cooling time of the unit is 90 seconds. The tool can be used in an environment with a humidity level below 75% and can withstand temperatures between -5 and +40°C. The unit simply connects to the 110V and 220/230V – 50/60 Hz mains supply.

This aseptic locking system was designed and manufactured by a Lyon-based company, MGA Technologies, which dedicates its achievements to the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical industries.

Specialized in the creation and manufacture of special machines, including the sterile disconnector, MGA Technologies has a team of technicians who can answer all your requests for information on the aseptic closure system. To do so, simply fill in the contact form provided.

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