Turnkey Pharmaceutical Project

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The design of a turnkey pharmaceutical project needs integrators to help. An integrator can offer a solution that meets the specific regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

This solution needs to also meet exactly to the company’s activity. The development of this solution allows the user company to optimize its production. The development of the project must respect the strict constraints of clean environments, in terms of assembly or packaging of the products that are manufactured.

Development of a Turnkey Pharmaceutical Project


The development of a turnkey pharmaceutical project requires a plan established by a designer. You must provide specifications specific to your main field of activity. This is the best way to meet your exact needs from design through engineering to manufacturing and start-up.

Implementing a pharmaceutical project must have a work breakdown structure: design, manufacturing (electro-pneumatic, mechanical, software configuration), testing, documentation, installation, validation and support. It is also essential that each pharmaceutical project development process follows rigorous standard operating procedures in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This ensures that the products comply with current standards for quality, efficacy and safety.

When not very experienced in pharmaceutical project management, companies can rely on the skills of designers. Indeed, the integrator in charge of the turnkey pharmaceutical project is required to provide the customer with assistance for research activities in order to obtain licenses for the use of the expertise, the definition programs, the validation of industrial processes and their adaptation to your needs. The whole process must be in conformity with the regulations in force governing the pharmaceutical sector.


Turnkey Pharmaceutical Projects Designer and Manufacturer


Different turnkey products can be offered by pharmaceutical project designers, depending on the needs and applications. The choice of the right designer is then crucial for the successful completion of the pharmaceutical project. Consultation needs to take place at a very early stage of the study and design process. This consultation will allow the end user and the project developer to agree on a solution. It is an approach that allows companies to set up a perfectly coherent strategy. The standards you have defined to be integrated by the designer of your turnkey pharmaceutical project.

At the end of the project, a test must always be performed by any professional designer. This ensures that the solution is ready to be used and meets your productivity requirements.

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