TPE Tubing Welder

A TPE tubing welder is used to fuse the flexible and disconnect two or more sterile process equipment. There are several machine tools on the market that allow you to meet these needs as single-use items (stop, areas ready to be sealed …) and multipurpose equipment (fusion sealing machine).


TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubes

Thermoplastic elastomer tubing meets the strict needs of the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology industries. They are used most of the time for the treatment of fluids and their transfer between one or more devices.

Many brands exist on the market, the best known is the C-Flex tube Saint-Gobain, but there are also Advantaflex flexible from Advantapure company. It is specially designed to be easily connected and disconnected by dedicated machines like the MGA Technologies welder.


Tube welder – Different tools


There are many types of TPE tubing welder but two main families of techniques for disconnecting thermo-fusion sensitive flexibles exist:

  • Disposable elements: without using the properties of TPE tubes, single-use devices are characterized by small stops, to be integrated before installation or available directly on the tube to be able to disconnect the flexible. This involves the purchase and storage of many stops or disconnecting the tube at only predefined areas by the supplier,
  • Multipurpose machine tool: this is equipment allows you to use the properties of thermoplastic tubing. The operator places the tube between two clamps which will seal it and then heat it up to the melting point. Safe for the person handling the machine, it cools it to a safe temperature after melting to be easily handled. The tube is then cut with a simple pair of scissors by the operator.


How the MGA Technologies TPE tubing welder work?

The MGA Technologies welding machine cuts a TPE tube to disconnect two or more aseptic process devices. It consists of a ceramic clamp and a control box that allows you to start the disconnection process and display the status of the operation on an LED screen.

Safely, it seals the tube by melting and a temperature keeping phase destroys any life potentially present on each side of the jaws of the machine. This guarantees a sterile disconnection adapted to the requirements of pharma, medical and biotech sectors.

After melting and a temperature keeping phase, the clamp is cooled by a vane pump, integrated in the machine, to allow the release and handling of the flexible by the operator without any risk. The last step is to cut the tube with a pair of scissors.

Technical Characteristics


The characteristics of the MGA Technologies TPE tubing welder:

  • Suitable for the disconnection of new or autoclaved thermoplastic elastomer tubes such as Saint-Gobain C-Flex, Avantapure Advantaflex, etc.
  • Compatible tube diameters: 1/4 “, 1/2” and 3/4 “. A set of aluminum jaws comes with the machine for each diameter,
  • Power connection: 220 / 230V – 50/60 Hz,
  • Weight of the tools: total of 5.1 kg (disconnecting pliers: 2.1 kg, control box: 3 kg),
  • Normal temperature of use: from -5 ° C to 40 ° C,
  • Multi-language interface to be used in all your agencies, factories and R&D center worldwide.


The uses of a MGA Technologies Sterile Connector


In order to reconnect treatment devices, the use of a machine tool for connecting the tubing is necessary. The MGA sterile connector has been designed for use in a sterile zone (class 100/ ISO5 dynamic) and also to connect tubes by heat welding. However, it can be used outside the sterile zone as it guarantees a connection without risk of cross-contamination. Furthermore, the MGA Technologies sterile connector is integrated within all FDA processes.




The MGA Technologies sterile connector has many advantages, including providing increased productivity for your operators, particularly since they do not have to go into a sterile zone to use it.

The welding cycle is carried out automatically to ensure quality connections. You can also use this machine tool economically thanks to its long-lasting blades, which can make up to 200 welds. In addition, it is easy to use and maintain. It is also designed to be highly cleanable.

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