Thermosealer for Sterile Tubing

The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry often use tubes to connect several process equipment. A thermosealer is then required to ensure that the tubes are connected in a sterile manner. It is preferable to use this device in a clean room so that the entire operation is completely aseptic. All micro-organisms that could contaminate the pipes can be eliminated with this thermosealer.


Thermosealer for Flexible Tubes in Sterile Rooms

Designed for use in clean rooms, the thermosealer guarantees a sterile connection of tubes, without any retention zone. This eliminates any risk of cross-contamination. This device is integrated into FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved manufacturing processes and operators can use it safely. It has also been designed so that operators can gain in productivity without having to move to a sterile area. For this reason, it has been designed for use outside the area and in the area (dynamic ISO5 / class100). In addition, the cycle is performed automatically to ensure a quality connection.


The Characteristics of the Sterile Tube Thermosealer


The sterile tube thermosealer allows hoses from 1/4″ to 1″ in diameter to be connected with an operating temperature between -5 and +40 °C. A reliable and robust device, it is equipped with a translucent protective cover to protect the operators. Its LCD display allows you to see the number of welds performed, while the unit allows you to perform up to 200 welds thanks to the longevity of its blade.

It should be noted that the cutting blade is heated and multi-purpose. The device also has a pair of matrices for a dedicated format. It is adapted to various electrical voltages since it is connected to the 110/240V – 50/60 Hz mains. This device has the advantage of being easily cleaned and easy to maintain.

Disconnecting the Tubes


If disconnection from your equipment is necessary, the use of a tube disconnect switch is necessary. This is a device designed for use in clean rooms, it allows tubes to be disconnected without external elements being able to enter.

It is sufficient for the operator to start the disconnection cycle once the tube is inserted into the jaw, which will heat up to the melting point. The operator can then safely handle and cut the tube once the temperature has been lowered.

MGA Technologies’ Clean Room Equipment


Specialized in the manufacture of various specialized machines, MGA Technologies is constantly innovating in order to provide its customers with devices such as the sterile hose thermosealer. This machine has a multilingual interface that makes it easy to use internationally.

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