Testing Machine for Production Facilities

Testing Machine for Production Facilities

The use of a control machine for your productions is essential. Indeed, poor quality products can cause non-negligible financial consequences for your company.

You must therefore minimize these risks and opt to carry out the quality control of your products using advanced technology.

Purpose and Advantages of a Production Testing Machine


Having a control machine for your productions constitutes the security of having consistent and compliant products. It also avoids any risk of financial losses, which can often be very heavy for your company.

This tailor-made machine can integrate your production line. It can be located downstream of your production and assembly process, for example. Thanks to it, you can implement the control of your parts (flow, pressures, dimensions, power, physical size).

By equipping your production process with a special inspection machine, you can considerably reduce your non-conformity costs, meet your customers’ quality requirements exactly and reduce your inspection labor costs. However, you can also carry out an appearance inspection by sight.

To achieve perfect quality control, the automation of the inspection machine for your productions is ideal. The custom-made machine will allow you to take advantage of all the above mentioned benefits.

The design of the control machine dedicated to your productions is, however, essential so that you have a machine that meets your real and specific needs. To accomplish this, the design and installation of this type of equipment must be entrusted to a designer specialized in the field of machines.


MGA Technologies – Manufacturer of Tailor-Made Machines


Regarded as a custom-made machine, the control machine for your production processs must be designed by a specialized manufacturer. Only the latter is able to respond to your constraints in order to manufacture a machine corresponding to your needs, whether you are in the aeronautics, automotive, biotechnology or pharmaceutical sectors.

We manufacture, among other things, production control machines integrating the latest technologies. The machines are robotized, automated, indexed, with digital kinematics and a mechanical and mechatronic base. Their applications can be varied, including the eradication of hard-to-clean areas, the distribution and management of product flows and the minimization of mechanical particle generation.

From the definition of the equipment architecture, the current Good Manufacturing Practices, cGMP, are taken into account and applied. The company’s engineers use the latest technologies and a wide variety of sensors to design and implement a wide range of control applications.

The controlled lots can be identified by marking and traced by printing on the products. The marking for their identification is done by micro-percussion, laser, inkjet or other special type of coding. MGA Technologies can provide specific solutions if you are confronted with a particular application regarding the control machine for your production process.

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